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1 Introduction

ICM 7.8 and newer versions come with a new URL rewrite handler implementation which is based on configurations stored in XML files. This rewrite handler will be used by default when the system is prepared using DBInit.

2 DBMigrate of URL Rewrite Handler

DBMigrate does not replace any setting in terms of URL rewriting. So for existing systems migrating from ICM 7.7. to 7.8. the URL rewriting will work as before.

It is possible to determine the used rewrite handler with the following statements:

Get current URL rewrite handler
select * from preferencedefinition where preferencename = 'URLRewriteHandler';

select * from preference where preferencename = 'URLRewriteHandler';

If the DefaultValue is com.intershop.beehive.core.internal.urlrewrite.RewriteRuleHandler, then the old rewrite handler implementation is used.

In case you want to manually migrate refer to the recipe Migrate Old Rewrite Properties Configurations.

3 Using the New URL Rewrite Handler Implementation

If the customer wants to use the new URL rewrite handler after a migration to 7.8 the following task needs to be done:

  1. Change the URLRewriteHandler preference definition default value to com.intershop.component.urlrewrite.internal.handler.URLRewriteHandlerImpl.

    Sample sql statement
    update preferencedefinition set defaultvalue = 'com.intershop.component.urlrewrite.internal.handler.URLRewriteHandlerImpl' where preferencename = 'URLRewriteHandler';

    This preference definition default value is used for all channels where the preference is not set explicitly.

  2. Update the existing preferences values for all domains which point to the old URL Rewrite Handler.

    Sample sql statement
    update preference set stringvalue = 'com.intershop.component.urlrewrite.internal.handler.URLRewriteHandlerImpl' where preferencename = 'URLRewriteHandler';
  3. Create according rewrite rules and XML files.
    See Concept - URL Rewriting (from 7.10.5) and Cookbook - URL Rewriting for information how to use the new URL Rewrite Handler.


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