Reference - Ansible4IOM Hooks 1.1

1 Introduction

Ansible4IOM is a tool of the Intershop Order Management (IOM) for automated server configuration management. Additionally, operational tasks are predefined in operational processes which can be customized by using hooks.

This reference lists all available hooks, their relation to processes and their typical usage. Hooks will be used within Ansible4IOM to customize predefined operations tasks. The target group of this document are developers of a project as well as system administrators.

1.1 Glossary

Ansible4IOMAnsible4IOM is a tool of IOM for server configuration management. Additionally operation tasks are predifined and can be customized.
AzureA cloud computing service created by Microsoft for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services through a global network of Microsoft-managed data centers.
CIContinous integration
Configuration RepositoryIn the scope of Ansible4IOM a configuration repository is a set of configurations that describes the used machines, values of variables hooks and more. It's a descripton of how to install a custom IOM.
EPELExtra Packages for Enterprise Linux is a repository of the Fedora-Project (
FSFile system
Gluster-FSA scale-out network-attached storage file system
HookHooks are part of Ansible4IOM. Hooks are a sophisticated way to customize processes. Additionally the behavior of processes can be simply customized by various variables.
IOMThe abbreviation for Intershop Order Management
IOM WatchdogA tool of IOM to monitor and manage the availablity of IOM application servers
JMSJava Message Service
OMSThe abbreviation for Order Management System, the technical name of the IOM

Red Hat Enterprise Linux

SQLStructured Query Language

1.2 References

2 PostgreSQL Server Related Hooks

HooksProcessesAvailable FactsComment/ Usage
  • PGServerOSUser
  • PGServerOSGroup

Use these variables when modifying configuration files. Confiiguration files are mostly owned by the user running the PostgreSQL-server.

  • adapt pg_hba.conf
  • adapt postgresql.conf



  • Save logs
  • Save data

3 Apache Based Load Balancer Related Hooks

HooksProcessesAvailable Facts

Comment/ Usage



Adapt httpd.conf

pre_apache_extract_hookX--ApachePkgDirProvide apache package to be installed on a different way, not by Maven repository.

4 OMS Node Related Hooks

HooksProcessesAvailable FactsComment/ Usage
  • Implement unmount operations for single-node installations
  • Save logs
  • Implement mount operations for single-node installations
  • Restore saved logs
  • Setup ssh-config of oms-user
  • Replace IOM-install package (e.g., during CI process)
  • Receive and extract customization packages and copy content to destinations

OmsDumpVersion (DEPRECATED)

  • Load different dump than initial dump (e.g., test dump for CI process)
  • Execute custom SQL scripts
  • Adapt initSystem.std.*.cli
  • Run custom scripts for Wildfly initialization
  • Adapt system.std.*.properties before applying them
  • Adapt and load custom properties
  • Adapt deployment.*.properties
  • Artifacts will be deployed automatically, server will be redeployed after hook execution
  • Run custom SQL scripts, which require already deployed customizations
  • Place import files to be imported automatically


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