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System Requirements - Intershop Order Management 2.2

Table of Contents

Product Version


Product To Version


Operating System Requirements

Operating System (not included in the product)

Version or Build Number

Red Hat based Linux Release 7.2. or later

Supported Languages

Western European locales

Hardware (for application server machines)


x86 based (64bit)

For seamless performance, multi-core processors are recommended.

Clock Speed

2 GHz or higher

Main Memory (per application server process)

Development/Demo System: 4 GB
Production System: 8 GB

Disk Space (excluding the database)

25 GB or more

System Requirements


Application Server (not included in the product)


WildFly 9.0.2 or later (9.x)


All application servers must use the same zone, time, and date settings. They must be synchronized (e.g., NTP servers).

Minimum System Configuration for Development and Demo Systems

Application Server and Database

Application server and database system can share one server machine.

Minimum System Configuration for Production Systems

Application Server

One application server process on a server machine.

Database Server

Database server on a separate server machine including failover.


Please note that an appropriate size and memory allocation of the database server according to the PostgreSQL database documentation has to be available.

Database (not included in the product)

Server Version

PostgreSQL 9.4.X, 9.5.X or 9.6.X (recommended) preferably on UX system.

Java Database Connectivity (included in the product)

Java Database Connection Driver Version



Java Development Kit (not included in the product)

Java Version

Oracle JavaTM Platform, Standard Edition Development Kit x64 (JDK, SE) 8u74

Mail Server (not included in the product)
Mail Server Implementationpostfix (Default email service provider in any Linux operating system)
FTP Server (not included in the product)
FTP Server Implementations

pure-ftpd (supports creation of virtual users)

Web Browser (not included in the product)

Supported Browsers

There should be no problems with the most common browsers having most recent updates.


JavaScript and Cookies must be enabled to use the whole set of functionality!

Recommended Resolution
  • Minimum 1280px horizontal resolution, which means for browser content there are around 1200px left.
  • An optimum (regarding different screen sizes in terms of available height) vertical resolution will be around 700px.
    This mainly applies to the available space for placing and sizing dialog boxes, since they do not change their size.

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