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Changes in B2B and B2C channels connected to the master product and its variations were added in IS 7.9. The basic idea is the Product Master Detail Page to work like a family page. Now the variation master product can be displayed instead of the default variation and its particular variations are shown as simple products in the category list. The Product Master Detail Page shows the basic product information and a list with all variation products. Compared to the Standard Product Page there are some changes in the layout:

  • The quantity field and some buttons (Add to Cart, Compare, Add to Order Template etc.) are removed for the master
  • The quantity field and the above mentioned buttons are added for the variations
  • The Product Filters section allows to filter product variations by variable attribute values

For this functionality two new search attributes for the SolR index (isMastered and MasterUUID) were added. In order to use this feature properly, both attributes need to be included in the Indexed Attributes section of all product search indexes in the channel where this feature is enabled. Also, the search indexes need to be rebuilt each time the feature is enabled/disabled. This is caused by the differing way of indexing variation products by SolR - if the feature is enabled, the master product and its variations are indexed as separate products; if the feature is disabled, the variations are indexed at the master product - only the variation SKUs and the variable variation attribute values.


You need to index all variable variation attributes of a master. In addition search filters for these attributes must be created in order to use Product Filters section.


Whether you want to keep the old functionality or use the new one can be switched with a preference in Commerce Management application. ICM versions before 7.9 display the default variation of the product master (if it exists) in category list in storefront. Starting with 7.9 the list displays the master product if enabled in the channel preferences.


Configuration preference added!

The new feature is available for B2B and B2C, but by default is enabled initially only for a B2B storefront and disabled for B2C. The preference setting on channel level was added in Commerce Management application.

In order to properly migrate the Product Variations feature from earlier ICM versions to ICM 7.9, the preference for enable/disable List View Product Variations (EnableAdvancedVariationHandling) is needed. A new file "" was added in app_sf_responsive cartridge. After executing the standard command "dbmigrate" the preference will be available in the database.

Configure Product Detail Component Template

The configuration of the master details page is added to Product Detail component template. To alter the configuration:

  1. Enter the SMB - Responsive channel's Commerce Management application.
  2. Go to Content | Component Templates.
  3. Search for the Product Detail component template.
  4. In the Parameters section of the Content tab configure the desired product view as well as the sorting.

    In category product list the icons for quote requests, add to compare and  add to order template are removed for the master product. Once enabled the master product itself is shown in the category product list as the next picture shows. The displayed information for master product and ordinary product differs (price range, number of variations). The Add To Cart button is replaced by a Choose Variation button.

Re-built the SolR Search Index


Since the new attributes have to be added to the SolR documents the search index has to be built / re-built.


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