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This release is all about improved workflows.

Live Validation,
Tooltips and
Quick Fixes

Live Validation While Editing Cartridge Elements

Now, a validation is available while you type in several graphical, textual or tree based editors.


Live errors are not presented in the Problems view but in the editor only.

Supported Editors and Artifacts

Live validation is available at least with the following editors:

  • Visual Pipeline Editor
  • ISML Template Editor
  • Pipelet Editor
  • Query Editor
  • EDL Source Editor
  • Pagelet Model Editor
  • Webform Editor
  • Extension Model Editor
  • Component Model Editor

Preferences and Configuration

Live validation can be configured on the according preference pages.

You can, e.g., disable live validation at all, or you can configure which problems should be considered for the live validation.

Validation preference:

Tooltips for Warnings and Errors

Element Errors and Warnings

Now tooltips contain an area that shows errors and warnings that are directly connected to the element for which the hint is.

Tooltip - Missing documentation for a pagelet model interface definition:

Quick Fixes Available in Problem Hovers

Problem Hover

In textual and graphical editors, quick fixes can be displayed and selected from the hover presented on the erroneous position.

Problem hover in the Query Editor:

JUnit Tests

Configure JUnit Cartridge Test Cases to Use Intershop Suite Server Classpath

JUnit Cartridge Test Case Classpath

The classpath of JUnit cartridge test cases normally is built using the default project classpath computation. But this may produce an incomplete classpath in case the developer has decided to use the Ant driven build instead of the internal Java Eclipse build mechanism.

To enable the test case execution for this scenario, you now can set up the test runner to add component libraries the same way the server computes its libraries. Additionally, in order to overcome poor or erroneous dependency declarations of cartridges, you can chose to add all component entries.

JUnit Cartridge Testcase Class:


More Intuitive Search for References

Enhanced Cartridge References Search

When searching for references, the search may not be available for several elements, or the search result may not contain the expected matches. E.g., searching of references of a pipelet node does not work at all, because the actual pipelet node is not referenced, but its pipelet. In some of these cases, the search now automatically searches for references of the actually referenced element.

See the following examples:

  • Searching for references of a call node searches for references of the called start node.
  • Searching for references of an interaction node searches for references of the called ISML template.
  • Searching for references of an <isinclude> tag in ISML now searches for references of the included template.

Cartridge Lists Sortable by Declaration Order

Cartridge Explorer

Cartridges in cartridge lists now can be sorted by their declaration order (in cartridgeslist.properties).

Sorted by name:

Sorted by declaration order:


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