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Intershop Studio 4.2
What's New in Intershop Studio 4.2.4

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The 4.2.4 release of Intershop Studio focusses on improved handling for EMF-XML editors. Besides this IStudio offers:

  • A simplified Cartridge Import Wizard
  • Convenient settings to start the Pipeline Debugger
  • Short cuts to referenced elements

EMF-XML Editor

Content Assist and Hyperlinking in EMF-XML Editors

Content Assist in EMF-XML Editors

The XML editor now provides content assist to propose Intershop elements or Java types on places where such elements are expected.

Editor templates also can be created and used.

Proposal of ISML templates in a pagelet:

Proposal of localizations in a web form:

Configure Content Assist in EMF-XML Editors

The Preferences section provides preference pages to configure the content assist and editor templates depending on a content type.
Content assist configuration for XML-pagelet-editing:

Hyperlinking in EMF-XML Editors

The XML editor now allows to open referenced elements using the Open Selection action or using the hyper link feature.

Hover the mouse pointer over such a reference and press CTRL key.

Hyperlink to open a validator declaration:

Cartridge Import

Simplified Cartridge Import Wizard

Cartridge Import Wizard

The Cartridge Import now is very similar to the Import | Existing Projects into Workspace wizard. Additionally the source directory field is preset with the current cartridge source folder and provides content assist (proposing the source folders as well as additional source folders, if configured).

To start the wizard:

From the menu:

File | Import... | Intershop Studio | Exsting Cartridge Projects into Workspace

From the context menu:

Right-click to open the context menu.

Import... | Intershop Studio | Exsting Cartridge Projects into Workspace
When using the context menu of a server cartridge, the root directory field is filled with the source folder of the cartridge.

Import existing cartridges - Pre-filled root folder and content assist:

Pipeline Debugger

Pipeline Debugger Starts Automatically on Server Start in Debug Mode from Servers View

Debug Server Using Servers View

Use the Servers to debug your Intershop application. This automatically starts the Intershop application server in debug mode and connects the remote Java debugger.

But in order to debug pipelines, the Pipeline Debugger needs to be started. This additional step is now obsolete since the Pipeline Debugger now automatically starts after the server has completed its startup sequence.

You can freely use Java breakpoints as well as pipeline breakpoints together.

Debug Java Code and Pipelines:

This behavior can be controlled using the Server Editor.

Server Editor - Debugging Options:

Open Action

Open Action Opens Element or Referenced Element

Open Action allows to open Referenced Elements

The open action as well as the handling of double clicks in tree-based editors and views has been enhanced.

When double clicking an element that references another one (e.g., a pipelet node -> pipelet, a pipeline call node -> pipeline start node), you can now open this referenced element.

If there are multiple options, a dialog is presented that allows to select the actual element.

Double click or open on a pipelet node in the view provides a dialog to either open the node, the pipelet Java code, or the descriptor:


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