What's New in Intershop Studio 4.3.1

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Intershop Stuido 4.3.1 adds some handy improvements for pipelines and pipelets.

Quickfilter for
Pipelines View

Quickfilter Accepts Fully Qualified Start Node Names

You can now enter a fully qualified name of a Start Node in order to quick-filter the view.

This might be useful if you copy and paste, e.g., pipeline references from ISML templates.

Also you might be interested to quickly show all pipelines that have a Start Node with a particular name.


The Start Nodes are actually not filtered out.

Show only pipelines containing a particular Start Node:


Configuration of Pipelet Nodes on the General Tab

The configuration of a pipelet node does not use a tab anymore but is located on the General tab.

The Properties View for Pipelet ConcatenateStrings


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