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1 Introduction

With the content model of the Responsive Starter Store 3.0.0 (fitting Intershop Commerce Management no major changes where introduced.

The "Changes" table provides an overview over the changes in the content model files and some explanation why this was changed. Changes were only optional call parameters were added are not explicitly listed.

In case these changes require actual migration steps then an additional chapter will explain this in more detail.

There is one change in the header component that will require some migration effort if the current version of the Responsive Starter Store is to be used.

The subscriptions feature, if used in the storefront, requires some additional migration steps too.

2 Changes

CartridgePagelet ModelType ChangeNotes


systempage.account.subscriptions.pagelet2system page(plus)addedsee chapter "Subscriptions Pages"
 systempage.account.subscription.details.pagelet2system page(plus)addedsee chapter "Subscriptions Pages" call parameter ChannelDisplayName

see variant(warning)added parameter value binding for "ChannelDisplayName" on "Key6"This change allows the dynamic usage of the ChannelDisplayName in the Message1 and Message2 configuration parameter of the Email page variant via Key6. configuration parameter "ShowSidePanel"Added the option to "Show SidePanel" on "Static Content Page Component" even if no navigation is shown (to display there marketing content only).



see chapter "Header - Main Navigation"



3 Header - Main Navigation

The automatic rendering of the main navigation was removed to provide the possibility to more freely create a main navigation by using the new components Main Navigation Category and Main Navigation Link. This way the main navigation entries do not have to be in a fixed order according to the catalog sorting, but can be changed freely and mixed with non category/catalog links. If this is not needed the Main Navigation (Full) component provides the rendering of the complete main navigation that can only be extended at the beginning or the end.

The Header component of the Responsive Starter Store 2.0 automatically included the main navigation as a separately cache-able remote include in the ISML of the render template. In addition a slot - header.navigation - was provided that allowed additional links in the main navigation area.

Header.isml - Responsive Starter Store 2.0 - ICM 7.7
<div class="main-navigation col-sm-10 col-md-9" role="navigation">
    <ul class="navbar-nav main-navigation-list">
        <li class="home hidden-xs">
            <a class="" href="#URL(Action('Default-Start'))#" title="home"><span class="glyphicon glyphicon-home"></span></a>
        <isinclude url="#URL(Action('ViewNavigation-MainNavigation'))#">
        <isslot slot="app_sf_responsive_cm:slot.header.navigation.pagelet2-Slot">

Starting with the Responsive Starter Store 3.0 the rendering of the main navigation by default was removed to provide a more flexible way of composing the main navigation. This time only the header.navigation slot is available by default. This way a header component with no further configuration would result in a storefront header with no main navigation (see screenshot).

Header.isml - Responsive Starter Store 3.0 - ICM 7.8
<div class="main-navigation col-sm-8 col-md-9" role="navigation">
    <ul class="navbar-nav main-navigation-list">
        <li class="home hidden-xs">
            <a class="" href="#URL(Action('ViewHomepage-Start'))#" title="home"><span class="glyphicon glyphicon-home"></span></a>
        <isslot slot="app_sf_responsive_cm:slot.header.navigation.pagelet2-Slot">

To get the original storefront rendering including the main navigation:

  1. Go to the Navigation Slot of the header component.
  2. Assign an instance of the Main Navigation (Full) component to the Navigation Slot.



User interaction required

This assignment needs to be done manually for all instances of the header component. There is no automatic migration preparer.


4 Subscriptions Pages

The added system pages "Subscriptions List" and "Subscription Details" require an added Page Variant, otherwise this missing Pagelet Assignment will lead to an error page when navigation to the according page in the storefront.

The demo content of the Responsive Starter Store 3.0.0 contains the necessary page variants and assignments but if you migrate from an earlier version this page variants can also be created via the back office. For this two page variants based on the "Account Page" should be created and assigned as seen in the following screenshots.


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