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1 Introduction

Intershop Studio 4.2.3 comes with migration support for cartridge.properties (formerly <CartridgeName>.properties)

2 Support for

2.1 Support for Intershop Suite cartridge.properties

2.1.1 Cartridge Properties

Since Intershop 7.3, the properties of a cartridge should be denoted in a properties file cartridge.properties, located in the cartridge's content/release folder.

Intershop Studio now recognizes these properties (e.g., the dependson, displayname) on this location.

2.1.2 Validation and Migration

A problem type DeprecatedCartridgeProperties is available for a cartridge.

If the server is configured as at least version 7.3, a warning is created for cartridge properties files located in share/system/config/cartridge/<CARTRIDGE_NAME>.properties.

This cartridge properties location is deprecated. Intershop strongly recommends to store cartridge properties in the file cartridge.properties.

A quick fix is available to migrate deprecated properties: Migrate properties file of Cartridge ...

The quick fix opens a refactoring that performs the necessary migration steps.

Deprecated cartridge properties:

Deprecated cartridge properties quick fix:


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