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This guide lists functionality which is considered as deprecated for several reasons. Please see next chapter for details about it's reasons.

Deprecated Functionality

Tomcat Cluster Console (TCC)

The Tomcat Cluster Console (TCC) is an instrument to orchestrate an Intershop application cluster. This tool is able to spawn new virtual application servers and start, stop, restart single instances of application servers. Due to the introduction of CD/CI with Gradle, the TCC is obsolete, even more with virtual environments and clouds.

Therefore, Intershop has decided to deprecate this feature and not create an replacement for it.

Test Runner

Intershops Test Runner is a small tool to start tests from a command line. As there are many replacements out there, this tools gets deprecated and no replacement will be provided. Check out the Cookbook - JUnit Tests for more details.


With introduction of Gradle, Ant got obsolete. So please do not create new Ant Tasks in your projects based on Intershop Tasks anymore.


Especially Ant Tasks around Oracle DB will be removed soon. Intershop is working on support for Microsoft SQL Server. Therefore all ties to Oracle DB specifics get cut off. DB imports and exports need to be done with the provided tools, by e.g., Oracle like data pump expdp and impdp.

Pipeline Based Order Creation Process

Please see Guide 7.9 Order Creation for details.

Table Partitioning

Table Partitioning is a feature which is used to create Oracle Partitioned Tables. Those partitions are created on DomainIds to create partitions on tables with high record numbers. With the introduction of MS SQL, we will not support this feature in MS SQL and after the deprecation phase we will remove this feature completely from ICM.
Due to its limitations on DomainId, it is much easier for an Oracle DBA or an MS SQL DBA to create those partitions directly in Oracle or MS SQL with higher flexibility.

Multi Data Center

The Multi Data Center support was introduced with an internal version of Enfinity 6.6 and later been rolled-out with Intershop 7.0. It was possible by making use of Oracle Streams and some adjustments on our end, but Multi Data Center support in Intershop 7 did not really make it to center stage. Therefore we deprecate this feature and suggest to use Microsoft Azure and CDNs to support worldwide business.


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