Public Release Note - Intershop Progressive Web App 0.21

1 Introduction

Welcome to Intershop Progressive Web App 0.21.

This Public Release Note contains information about the latest features of the Intershop Progressive Web App. In addition, it serves as a quick reference for the latest documentation.

2 What's New?

2.1 Features

  • Add migration script for NgRx 8 creator functions (5800cd2)
  • schematics: add helper for adding destroy subject to Angular artifact (4013ff6)
  • tslint-rules: add rule for enforcing newline before root statements (34c20e5)
  • tslint-rules: add tslint rule force-jsdoc-comments for enforcing JSDoc usage (26b25a7)
  • tslint-rules: add rule for removing star imports in store (3c0b528)

3 Compatibility

Intershop Progressive Web AppIntershop Commerce Management B2C/B2X

4 References

For more details about the release refer to the following documents:

Refer to the following documentation for more information on how to work/develop with the Angular-based storefront project:

5 Limitations

The currently used BETA REST APIs for Basket and CMS may change in the future. Therefore we cannot guarantee that these features may work in the PWA 0.21 without any changes with upcoming releases of Intershop Commerce Management.

6 Fixed Defects

  • add a product to order template on a product row (#271, #277) (4714657)

7 Documentation

  • update 0.20-to-0.21 migration guide (6324ebe)
  • update state management documentation regarding creator functions (8818b16)
  • update for the new store structure (2d9cafa)
  • new testing approach for NgRx (b573e18)
  • update for using destroy Subject with takeUntil in Angular artifacts (8331521)

8 Code Refactoring

  • change sending of PGID for CMS calls according to ICM CMS REST API changes (#192, #193) (a5bfff5)
  • supply operators for resolving links via ApiService (82e0de7)
  • perform action creator migration (31acf5d)
  • new structure for core store (0fe99e4)

9 Breaking Changes

  • Pipeable operators for resolving links are now ApiService members.
  • NgRx code artifacts are transformed to a new pattern, follow the instructions in the migration guide.
  • Core store was restructured. Follow the instructions given in the migration guide.
  • CMS service personalized content call adaptions to match CMS REST API changes in ICM.


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