Guide - IOM 2.9 Migration of Customization Class ExpandedExecutionBeanDefDO

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1 Introduction

This guide describes required modifications for the migration of the customization class ExpandedExecutionBeanDefDo and is addressed to developers and administrators who execute migration tasks.

The names of extended enum values defined in ExpandedExecutionBeanDefDO were not persisted within the database (column "ExpandedExecutionBeanDefDO".description). Moreover, this column does not allow null values since IOM

2 Required Modification

For projects using this customization class, the code must be modified as follows:

Existing null values will first be set to a dummy value during DBMigrate. The correct names will then be set automatically at the next deployment.

Replace the annotations @Override and @Transient with @Column(name = "`description`"):

Annotations to be replaced
public String getName()
    return PersistenceUtils.constantToHungarianNotation(, PersistenceUtils.FLAG_FIRST_LOWER );
New annotation
@Column(name = "`description`")
public String getName()
    return PersistenceUtils.constantToHungarianNotation(, PersistenceUtils.FLAG_FIRST_LOWER);

The function is now linked to an existing database column.


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