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  • ICM 7.9
  • ICM 7.10

REST API - Get basket item by ID


Starting with 7.10 our REST API is documented using Redoc accessible at



Http Method


Short Description

Get the specified line item from basket

Query Parameters


Example Requests


HTTP Status Codes

200 OK

400 Bad Request
       Possible values for header ‘error-key’:

    • basket.basket_id_required.error
    • basket.lineitem.id_required.error

404 Not Found
       Possible values for header ‘error-key’:

    • basket.basket_not_found.error
    • basket.lineitem.not_found.error


Gets the line item with the specified ID.

Status code 404 is returned, if basket or basket item could not be found.




B2C Web Shop, SMB Web Shop

Access Restrictions

Requires authentication with user having assigned the following permissions:

  • Purchase (APP_B2B_PURCHASE, only in B2B applications)

Product Version


Product To Version





Request Data Format

Request related java object


Request Example


Response Data Format


Response related java object

Response Example

    "name": "Acer Predator G3 G3610",
    "type": "BasketLineItem",
    "id": "SLgKDACqC9IAAAFCiCdCMC0t",
    "total": {
        "type": "Money",
        "value": 993,
        "currencyMnemonic": "USD"
    "quantity": {
        "type": "Quantity",
        "value": 1,
        "unit": ""
    "thumbnail": {
        "type": "Link",
        "title": "thumbnail",
        "uri": "/INTERSHOP/static/WFS/PrimeTech-PrimeTechSpecials-Site/-/PrimeTech/en_US/1XS/10809311-9609.jpg"
    "longDescription": "The Acer Predator G3 Series has a sophisticated design that glows with gaming passion. Powered by the latest processors and high-end graphics solutions, this awesome machine delivers killer performance, dazzling HD multimedia, and enhanced media management to exceed your gaming expectations and more!<br/><br/><b>Premium design</b><br/>Easy-to-reach, top-side USB placement simplifies cable management and saves space. On the backside, an ergonomically-designed handle provides maximum comfort and leverage for moving the machine around. Up front, the easy-swap hard drive bay (optional) ensures flexible expandability whenever you want.<br/><br/><b>Advanced technology</b><br/>The Predator G3 Series runs a seriously powerful processor, along with ultra-fast DDR3 memory for rapid multitasking. A wide range of top-brand graphics options are available with Microsoft® DirectX® 11, which enhances multimedia and gaming performance for stunning realism.<br/><br/><b>Immersive entertainment</b><br/>Acer Arcade™ Deluxe 4.0 integrates HD entertainment and sharing, and a Blu-ray Disc™ drive rounds out this stunning personal home-theater experience. Furthermore, the HDMI® port (optional) can connect your PC to HD peripherals for yet more avenues to exciting high-definition entertainment!",
    "shortDescription": "Intel Core i5-2400 Processor (6M Cache, 3.10 GHz), 4GB DDR3, 1TB 5400RPM SATA",
    "singleBasePrice": {
        "type": "Money",
        "value": 993,
        "currencyMnemonic": "USD"
    "variationProduct": false,
    "shippingMethod": {
        "type": "Link",
        "title": "Standard Freight Delivery",
        "uri": "PrimeTech-PrimeTechSpecials-Site/-/shippingmethods/MnMKABvH0ykAAAFC00MJ6CtN"
    "shipToAddress": {
        "type": "Address",
        "state": "",
        "country": "Germany",
        "id": "kS4KABvHkwcAAAFCdL4J6CtB",
        "email": "",
        "city": "Potsdam",
        "street": "Berliner Str. 20",
        "street2": "",
        "street3": "",
        "mobile": "",
        "phoneHome": "049364112677",
        "firstName": "Patricia",
        "lastName": "Miller",
        "title": "Mrs.",
        "addressName": "Patricia Miller, Berliner Str. 20, Potsdam",
        "countryCode": "DE",
        "postalCode": "14482",
        "phoneBusiness": ""
    "salesTaxes": [
            "type": "AppliedTax",
            "amount": {
                "type": "Money",
                "value": 343.94,
                "currencyMnemonic": "USD"
            "rate": 0.19
    "inStock": true,
    "isHidden": false,
    "availability": true,
    "bundleProduct": false,
    "product": {
        "type": "Link",
        "description": "Acer Predator G3 G3610",
        "title": "10809311",
        "uri": "PrimeTech-PrimeTechSpecials-Site/-/products/10809311"
    "price": {
        "type": "Money",
        "value": 993,
        "currencyMnemonic": "USD"
    "sku": "10809311"


XML Request Data Format

XML Request Java Objects


XML Request Example


XML Response Data Format


XML Response Java Objects

XML Response Example

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<BasketLineItem name="Acer Predator G3 G3610" type="BasketLineItem">
    <product type="Link">
        <description>Acer Predator G3 G3610</description>
    <quantity type="Quantity">
        <AppliedTax type="AppliedTax">
            <amount type="Money">
    <shipToAddress type="Address">
        <addressName>Patricia Miller, Berliner Str. 20, Potsdam</addressName>
        <street>Berliner Str. 20</street>
    <shippingMethod type="Link">
        <title>Standard Freight Delivery</title>
    <thumbnail type="Link">


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