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Standard Database Cleanup Tasks

IOM comes with new possibilities to archive and delete old data in order to limit the database size growth.


The pre-existing Job (" OrderMessageLogArchive") to archive and delete old order messages is now configurable. The default values have not been modified, but you may want to reduce them.
Also see Guide - Setup Intershop Order Management 2.9 | PersistedPlatformWideProperties.

The exported data are now exported to OmsProperty.IS_OMS_DIR_VAR/archive/OrderMessageLogDO instead of OmsProperty.IS_OMS_DIR_VAR/importarticle/archive/OrderDB-OrderMessageLogDO.


There is a new quartz job "ShopCustomerMailTransmissionArchive".

The data will be exported to OmsProperty.IS_OMS_DIR_VAR/archive/ShopCustomerMailTransmissionDO.

Also see  Reference - IOM Quartz Jobs 2.2  and the configuration in Guide - Setup Intershop Order Management 2.9 | Persisted Platform Wide Properties.

New Database Jobs to Delete Old Data Without Archivation

The following old data can now be deleted: 

  • OrderSupplierEvaluations
  • EventControls
  • ShopCustomerMailTransmissionStateHistory

See  Reference - Database Jobs for more details.


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