Guide - 7.6 B2B Roles and Permissions

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1 Introduction

This guide describes changes to the roles and permissions used in B2B applications.

2 Details

Starting with the Intershop Commerce Suite 7.6 release there is no hierarchy of roles anymore. Instead roles act as an independent grouping of permissions, similar to the roles of the Commerce Mangement application. The permissions should be used to check whether a certain page or action is available to the user.

The roles from the previous versions still exist and their permissions ensure that the users of each role still have the same privileges - the account admin can do everything an approver can do and an approver can do everything a buyer can. A migration is only necessary if custom code is using roles to determine what the user has access to. The code has to be reworked to check for a specific permission, either a new one or one of the standard permissions if appropriate.


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