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Intershop Progressive Web App

Concept - Intershop Progressive Web App - Single Sign-On (SSO) for PWA

Single Sign-On (SSO) for PWA

Intershop Commerce Management supports logging in clients via SSO (see Concept - Single Sign-On (SSO)).

The PWA uses the library angular-oauth2-oidc to support an easy configuration for providing access to identity providers.
After setting up the ICM side with the identity provider, an implementation for the interface IdentityProvider, provided in the IdentityProviderModule, has to be added.

For development purposes the configuration can be added to the Angular CLI environment files:

  identityProvider: 'MyProvider',
  identityProviders: {
    'MyProvider': {
      type: 'auth0',
      domain: '',
      clientID: 'ASDF12345',

For production, this configuration should be provided to the SSR process via environment variables (see Building and Running Server-Side Rendering).
The usage of identity providers can also be set in the multi-channel configuration (see Building and Running nginx Docker Image).

Business cases

Create new user

Authentication Provider Route in ICM email Behavior of PWA
ICM /invite Redirect to /forgotPassword/updatePassword
SSO /invite Redirect to SSO provider

User forgot password

Authentication Provider Route in ICM email Behavior of PWA
ICM /forgotPassword/updatePassword Show change password form
SSO /forgotPassword/updatePassword Redirect to SSO provider

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