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The nginx image providing PageSpeed and multi-channel configuration uses the default logging capabilities of nginx.
You can enable json formatted logging by passing environment variable LOGFORMAT=json to the container.
When no LOGFORMAT variable is passed the container uses main as its default format.

Server-Side Rendering

The express.js image serving the Angular Universal Server-Side Rendering can be provisioned to log extended information to the console by supplying the environment variable LOGGING=true.

Information logged to the console contains the following:

  • Requests to the SSR process are logged with morgan (see configuration in server.ts) in the form of:

    <method> <url> <status> <bytes> - <duration> ms

  • Requests handled by the SSR process are logged at the beginning with SSR <url> and at the end with RES <status> <url>.

  • Further the redirect actions of the Hybrid Approach are logged with RED <url>.

  • Uncaught Error objects thrown in the SSR process, including HttpErrorResponse and runtime errors are printed as well.

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