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DescriptionThe process cleanup_oms_node removes an IOM installation.
Example: setup oms nodes
ANSIBLE_LIBRARY=<path to Ansible4IOM>/modules/ \
ANSIBLE_ROLES_PATH=<path to Ansible4IOM>/roles/ \
ansible-playbook -i <path to inventory file>/inventory <path to Ansible4IOM>/processes/cleanup_oms_node.yml

1.1 Steps

The process consists of the following steps:

  1. oms_cleanupservice
    1. Stop/disable IOM servers.
  2. ftpd_cleanupservice
    1. Disable/stop pure-ftpd service.
  3. gluster_detach or azurefile_detach or dummyfs_detach (depending on assigned server-group). Only shared file systems contain data created at runtime. In order to protect the content of these filesystems, they are detached before cleaning up OMS.
    1. Azure file (oms_azure_node only)
      1. Execute pre_sharedfs_detach_hook.
      2. Unmount shares, remove entries from fstab.
    2. Gluster (oms_ha_node only)
      1. Execute pre_sharedfs_detach_hook.
      2. Unmount gluster filesystems, remove entries from fstab.
    3. dummyFS (oms_single_node only)
      1. Execute pre_sharedfs_detach_hook.
      2. Unmount external directories, remove entries from fstab.
  4. oms_cleanupcrontab
    1. Remove log-handling from crontab.
  5. wildfly_cleanup
    1. Remove Wildfly installation directory.
  6. oms_cleanupdirs
    1. Execute pre_oms_cleanup_hook.
    2. Remove all IOM directories.
  7. gluster_cleanup or dummyfs_cleanup (depending on assigned server group)
    1. Gluster (oms_ha_node only)
      1. Remove gluster volumes, bricks, logical volumes, gluster packages, etc.
    2. Dummy-FS (oms_single_node only)
      1. Remove external directories.
  8. osuser_cleanup
    1. Remove user and group.
  9. pgclient_cleanup
    1. Remove PG client.
  10. pgrepo_cleanup
    1. Remove postgresql repository.


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