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Intershop Studio 4.7
What's New in Intershop Studio 4.7.0

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The latest Intershop Studio comes with improved database query file handling and tooling for automated source code migration.

Database Query File

Executing or testing of queries requires a running server as well as other artifacts like configured pipelines, pipelets, templates etc. The new preview feature allows to execute templates without further requirements. The developer directly sees the interpreted outcome of the query, he or she can edit dynamic data from the dictionary and even immediately execute the query against an existing database.

Open Preview

From the context menu select the action Open Query Preview that is available in the Query Editor or for queries selected in several views.

Open Query Preview

The interpreted query content will be displayed in the SQL editor (in read-only mode):

Set Database Connection for Preview Editor

In order to execute queries the editor should be connected to the database. Use, e.g., the toolbar to do so.

Edit Preview-Dictionary Values

The dynamic values that are used in the query template (e.g., in <template-variable value="Parameter"/>) can be edited and maintained using the Pipeline Dictionary View. It provides a Preview Value editor area.

Click New to create new values (or sisters of the selected entry), or click Add to create children of selected values.

The following screens show how a <template-variable value="Domain:DomainID"/> could be assigned to a particular value. As you can see, you can either use a bean like approach or directly denote the object path.

Click Add... to create multiple children based on bean properties:

For collections to be used in loops you can create preview values with the Add Loop Entry... button:

Execute the Previewed Query

Use the actions from the context menu of the connected SQL Editor to execute and test the previewed query:



Intershop Studio now contains the SQL tooling DBeaver DBeaver is a very promising database tooling that appears much more intuitive and more performant than the already included database tooling

Migration Tools

Source Code Migration Models

Source code migration task models are scripts that describe refactoring steps. Since refactoring is an essential part of development and software maintenance cartridges might introduce code-incompatible changes between major releases. These changes could require changes of other code or artifacts located in other cartridges that reference or depend on the changed artifacts. Source code migration steps will compute such references and apply necessary changes.

The migration scripts are XML-files that are located in the cartridge-content folder. The name of the migration scripts has suffix '.migrationtask'.

Create and Edit Source Code Migration Task Models

Intershop Studio provides a wizard that can be used to create an empty Source Code Migration Task Model.

An editor is available that allows to create and edit migrations tasks.

Apply Source Code Migration Task Models

Intershop Studio contains actions and wizards that allow to apply migration steps. In order to apply the migration, your cartridges have to be imported into the workspace.


There is no support to easily undo migration steps. Intershop strongly recommends to at least save the original state of your cartridges.

Select a cartridge and use menu 'Edit/Apply Migration Taks...'.

See Guide - Automated Source Code Migration (valid to 7.8) for further information.

Wizard for Object Path Expression Function Models

Intershop Studio now provides a wizard and an editor to create and edit object path expression function description models. See Cookbook - Custom ISML Functions.

New model wizard:



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