Public Release Note - Intershop Progressive Web App 0.25

1 Introduction

Welcome to Intershop Progressive Web App 0.25.

This Public Release Note contains information about the latest features of the Intershop Progressive Web App. In addition, it serves as a quick reference for the latest documentation.

2 What's New?

2.1 Features 

  • Configurable, granular custom cookie consent implementation (#357) (6bb732e)
  • Remove ngx-cookie-banner functionality (38231c1)
  • Render view context content (#4) (dc36c87)
  • Monitor PWA containers with prometheus (#391) (f4fb1b1)
  • Multi-channel deployment with context path support (#432) (1f35ad6)
  • Remove unnecessary first/last name fields from password retrieval (#408) (e9421c2)
  • Display user role description on create/edit b2b user pages (#393) (07b6ab9)

3 Compatibility

Intershop Progressive Web AppIntershop Commerce Management B2C/B2X

4 References

For more details about the release refer to the following documents:

Refer to the following documentation for more information on how to work/develop with the Angular-based storefront project:

5 Limitations

The currently used BETA REST APIs for Basket and CMS may change in the future. Therefore we cannot guarantee that these features may work in the PWA 0.24 without any changes with upcoming releases of Intershop Commerce Management.

6 Fixed Defects

  • Consolidate the display of promotion messages (#448) (ce3cfb7)
  • Submit a promotion code by pressing enter (#436) (360b649)
  • Display payment costs according to the configured display type (gross/net) (#396) (b89c59d)
  • Display error message for duplicate payment instruments on checkout payment page (31cfbab)
  • Send payment parameters for redirect before checkout payment methods (119bbbc)
  • Improve the UI of out-of-stock products on the cart page after a failing cart validation (#443) (5488707)
  • Display line item quantity on the cart page after merging quantities (#442) (aab2be4)
  • Remove basket messages after route changes (169abae)
  • Display error messages on the header of checkout pages (c6f526a)
  • Remove loading animation after address creation during the checkout (#413) (eb08ae9)
  • Adjust quote list item padding (#418) (6547d1e)
  • Close toast on routing (#404) (bb38d50)
  • Repair setting of canonical ULRs and other meta data (#412) (05e54c0)
  • Repair setting of locales meta tags (#451) (dc3a206)
  • Display error messages on the B2B user edit profile page (#409) (3800872)
  • Display and edit the B2B user's active status in the organization management of the myAccount (#397) (e44fbf8)
  • Repair limitation for theme apply to fix prod mode with webpack-dev-server (#430) (f45c6a0)
  • Set default icmHost in nginx URL rewriting to prevent security issue (#415) (a8992d6)
  • Provide configuration meta reducer only on SSR side (#415) (cf09ee8)
  • Set breadcrumb from routing only if none was set previously (#399,#402) (530ba90)
  • Do not trigger order actions unnecessarily (56e2bc5)
  • Replace parentheses in URL slugs (#395) (85e110a)

7 Documentation

  • Improve configuration documentation (c0091ea)
  • Deployment and PWA building blocks documentation (#398) (807fafb)
  • Deployment documentation rework (#398) (9640bfb)
  • Customization for cypress tests (#426) (a5dc212)

8 Code Refactoring

  • Abstract ICM as identity provider (#447) (f97b114)

9 Breaking Changes

  • Setting certain cookies can no longer be dependent on the cookieLawSeen$ state but needs to be checked with cookieService.cookieConsentFor().
  • The login/logout handling is abstracted as identity provider service.


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