Public Release Note - Intershop Progressive Web App 0.20

1 Introduction

Welcome to Intershop Progressive Web App 0.20.

This Public Release Note contains information about the latest features of the Intershop Progressive Web App. In addition, it serves as a quick reference for the latest documentation.

2 What's New?

2.1 Features

  • Add order templates functionality as configurable feature (#230) (75683ce)
  • Remove (feature toggle) security question on forgot password and registration page (#255, #253) (9b5d10d)
  • Display captcha component according to the related ICM captcha service (#200) (447317b)
  • Add a link to order details page for registered users on checkout receipt page (#216) (64b0056)
  • Accept 'always' and 'never' as input for feature-toggle artifacts (e2372a9)
  • Display loading animation while restoring user on first navigation (#211) (337d9d3)
  • Respect returnUrl query parameter when logout guard is triggered (c7d49c2)
  • Introduce module-loader for lazy loading extension modules depending on feature toggles (#215) (fc6e504)
  • schematics: Add lazy option to page schematic (d07a378)
  • schematics: Adapt schematics for creating files in projects (3e08d4b)
  • schematics: Add schematic for generating lazy component (#215) (0468e73)
  • schematics: Add linting to files generated or touched by schematics (bf21771)
  • tslint-rules: tslint rule ng-module-sorted-fields respects bundle arrays in modules (09f4295)
  • tslint-rules: Add testing capabilities for tslint-rules (c0fc9c8)
  • tslint-rules: Adapt folder structure rules for projects (187a485)

3 Compatibility

Intershop Progressive Web AppIntershop Commerce Management B2C/B2X

4 References

For more details about the release refer to the following documents:

Refer to the following documentation for more information on how to work/develop with the Angular-based storefront project:

5 Limitations

Version 0.20 of the Intershop Progressive Web App is meant to be a starting point for custom development of a progressive web app.

It is not a fully functional storefront.

The currently used BETA REST APIs for Basket and CMS may change in the future. Therefore we cannot guarantee that these features may work in the PWA 0.20 without any changes with upcoming releases of Intershop Commerce Management.

6 Fixed Defects

  • PWA container healthcheck now supports ICM https (#261) (8ce42be)
  • Add a concardis direct debit payment instrument on checkout payment page (#234) (b778b00)
  • Display concardis direct debit form on checkout payment page (#240) (30444ef)
  • Find possible variation for selection based on changed attribute (a951e27)
  • Variation select "Not Available" flag in case of one variation attribute (0229788)
  • Use exhaustMap for user login to prevent creating multiple sessions (#236) (b144f47)
  • Display the region in the address form on the checkout address page (#241) (7b8e1bf)
  • Prevent mixed locale due to race condition using ngx-translate service use method (#207, #222) (7750993)
  • Debounce loading wishlists to prevent picking up wrong token (cf35e52)
  • Set captcha authorization key for 'contact us' REST requests (#200) (a838a8a)
  • Hide loading spinner after order creation failed (#217) (9d48c50)
  • schematics: Handle imports of complex typings for input decorated fields in lazy-component schematic (#254) (b1b4ec3)

7 Documentation

  • Replace dead link (df996e4)
  • Guide for upgrading dependencies (#243) (663a361)
  • Notes on migrating to PWA with Angular 9 (#215) (4d1e806)

8 Breaking Changes

  • Upgrade to Angular 9, follow the recommendations in the migration guide.
  • The feature toggle 'securityQuestion' and the related functionality have been removed.
  • The feature toggles 'captchaV2' and 'captchaV3' are obsolete. This is now configured via ICM back office and fetched via 'configurations' REST call. The component 'ish-captcha' is replaced by 'ish-lazy-captcha' with a mandatory topic input for the captcha context to check whether it is activated or not.


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