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Intershop Progressive Web App

Concept - Intershop Progressive Web App - CMS Integration

CMS Integration


The Intershop REST API contains resources reflecting the aspects of Intershop's integrated Content Management System (CMS), i.e.
Pagelets, Includes, Pages.

Calling the /cms resource will list the available CMS sub resources for the different CMS artifacts.

  "elements": [
      "type": "Link",
      "uri": "inSPIRED-inTRONICS-Site/-/cms/viewcontexts",
      "title": "viewcontexts"
      "type": "Link",
      "uri": "inSPIRED-inTRONICS-Site/-/cms/includes",
      "title": "includes"
      "type": "Link",
      "uri": "inSPIRED-inTRONICS-Site/-/cms/pagelets",
      "title": "pagelets"
      "type": "Link",
      "uri": "inSPIRED-inTRONICS-Site/-/cms/pages",
      "title": "pages"
      "type": "Link",
      "uri": "inSPIRED-inTRONICS-Site/-/cms/pagetree",
      "title": "pagetree"
  "type": "ResourceCollection"

With this API, a client can retrieve a composition of involved CMS objects (e.g. include, component, slot, component and so on).
It is the client's responsibility to interpret and "render" such a composition tree.
In the PWA this is done by mapping each element onto an Angular specific render component.

CMS Integration Overview

Angular CMS Components

A CMS render component in Angular has to fulfill the following requirements:

  • It is declared in the CMSModule.
  • The component must have an input for the assigned pagelet.
  • It is added to the CMSModule as an entryComponent (required, so a factory is generated as it is not referenced directly).
  • A mapping has to be provided in the CMSModule to map the definitionQualifiedName of the ICM realm to the PWA render component.
  • It needs to implement the CMSComponent interface.
providers: [
    provide: CMS_COMPONENT,
    useValue: {
      definitionQualifiedName: 'app_sf_customer_cm:component.custom.inventory.pagelet2-Component',
      class: CMSInventoryComponent,
    multi: true,

When using ng generate with PWA custom schematics, you can apply all those changes described automatically.
For example, the following code block creates a new Angular component named cms-inventory and registers it with the CMSModule.

$ ng generate cms inventory --definition-qualified-name app_sf_customer_cm:component.custom.inventory.pagelet2-Component
CREATE src/app/cms/components/cms-inventory/cms-inventory.component.ts (386 bytes)
CREATE src/app/cms/components/cms-inventory/cms-inventory.component.html (32 bytes)
CREATE src/app/cms/components/cms-inventory/cms-inventory.component.spec.ts (795 bytes)
UPDATE src/app/cms/cms.module.ts (4956 bytes)

Visual Studio Code Integration
For Visual Studio Code there is an extension that offers comfortable usage options for the schematics, see Angular Schematics.

Integration with an External CMS

Since the Intershop PWA can integrate any other REST API in addition to the ICM REST API, it should not be a problem to integrate an external 3rd party CMS that provides an own REST API, instead of using the integrated ICM CMS.
Even combinations would be possible.

In case an external API has to be integrated, the native Angular httpClient must to be used for the REST calls instead of the PWA's apiService.
In addition, the mapping of content to the according places in the PWA needs to be handled in a way fitting to the external CMS.


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