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Intershop Commerce-as-a-Service is the Intershop Commerce Suite provided as a fully managed cloud service. 

It provides:

  • A dedicated single-tenant architecture on a multi-tenant infrastructure 
    • Production cluster (edit/live)
    • Pre-production/UAT cluster (edit/live)
    • Integration/test cluster (edit/live)
  • Enterprise-grade SLAs
  • Performance management
  • Backup & disaster recovery
  • Security
  • Compliance (GDPR)
  • Global coverage
  • Customizable deployment options
  • DevOps processes
  • 24/7 support 
  • Fast and proactive updates that provide new features and functions


Architecture Overview

Information System Architecture

Intershop CaaS consists of the main components, Product Information Management, Content/Experience Management, Commerce Management and Order Management. The functionality is provided as REST API, so that all current and future touchpoints/client applications are supported. 

Intershop CaaS is typically tightly integrated into a broader eco-system like ERP, CRM, Payment Service Providers, Warehouses etc. Intershop provides APIs and interfaces to integrate those systems in a synchronous or asynchronous way. 

Technology Architecture

Intershop CaaS is based on a loosely coupled architecture consisting of multiple larger and smaller apps and services, for example application services, web services, search services, microservices, Angular Universal for the Progressive Web App and more. All these components are operated on Microsoft Azure.

For the main components (ICM, IOM), every CaaS client gets a dedicated cluster for maximum independence and flexibility. Those clusters can be combined with other multi-tenant services provided by Intershop or other technology partners. Keep in mind that ICM and IOM are multi-tenant solutions in itself. This means multiple organizations and sub-organizations can be operated in one cluster. 

A little more detailed, a standard CaaS installation contains the following components and environments:

Intershop ComponentEnvironmentIDClusterUsage

Intershop Commerce Management (ICM)

ProductionPRDlive/editProduction environment used for end customer (live) and content manager (edit)
User Acceptance Test / Pre-ProductionUATlive/editUser acceptance test environment (production like) for final tests before going live with new releases
IntegrationINTlive/editIntegration test environment for manual and automated QA & integration tests

Intershop Commerce Management (IOM)

*CaaS Professional required

Production environment used for production purposes
User Acceptance Test / Pre-ProductionUAT
User acceptance test environment (production like) for final tests before going live with new releases
Integration test environment for manual and automated QA & integration tests

Process Automation

Shared Infrastructure

Continuous integration environment for process automation and artifact repository (PA/AR)

Optional Components

PWA, Microservices, SFTP Server, VPN

These components are not included in the standard CaaS packages.

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