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IOM 2.16

Public Release Note - Intershop Order Management 2.16

1 Introduction

Welcome to Intershop Order Management 2.16!

Intershop Order Management is an Intershop Commerce Suite application that is designed to combine omni-channel commerce processes into one system. It automates and streamlines the life cycle of orders and payments. Intershop Order Management processes orders from multiple touch points (web shop, mobile shop, call center and more), allocates them to multiple fulfillment solutions (fulfillment centers, drop-ship distributors, physical stores and more), and tracks all order and payment transactions.

Intershop Order Management offers a centralized platform for managing distributed inventory, order, invoice and payment life cycles, and provides call center functionality, enabling real-time visibility into customers' purchasing behavior, stock levels, payments, and more. As part of Intershop Commerce Suite, it utilizes the suite's transaction, PIM and merchandising features.

Intershop Order Management (IOM) offers the possibility to tailor your business models as flexible and free as you need and depict them in your e-commerce environment. The order management system adjusts the order processing for various sales channels and suppliers and can be seamlessly integrated with existing components of your IT environment.

1.1 Dependency Version Information

Intershop Order ManagementIntershop Commerce Management B2XIOM Connector

1.2 Glossary

APIApplication Programming Interface
FTPFile Transfer Protocol
ICMAbbreviation for Intershop Commerce Management
IOMAbbreviation for Intershop Order Management
OMSAbbreviation for Order Management System, the technical name of the IOM
OMTAbbreviation for  Order Management Tool , the graphical management tool of the IOM
RESTRepresentational State Transfer
SOAPSimple Object Access Protocol

2 General Information

3 Additional References

4 New Features and Enhancements

Enhancements of the User Interface OMT

Introduced Order Progress Bar

The order details page was extended with a visualization of the order status.

The order progress bar shows process milestones the order has already completely or partly reached or that are still open. Therefore it helps to easier understand the current status of the order at a glace.

Also see Concept - IOM Feature Toggles of OMT.

Introduced Feature Toggles for OMT

Feature toggles can be used to enable or disable features in the OMT. They affect the entire application, therefore the project can decide to use a feature or not.

The introduced Order Progress Bar above is the first one.

Please see Concept - IOM Feature Toggles of OMT for more details.

Added Link to the Order Positions to the Related Product Details Page

The order positions at the order details page were extended with a link to the related product detail page.

It is now easier to check out further product data of the bought products.

Added Blocked Stock to the Product Detail Page

The channel tabs at the product detail page were extended with the Blocked stock.

The Blocked stock of a product shows the number of items that are part of a received order. Like the reserved stock, it will be subtracted from the Inventory when using the ATP-service (See Overview - Intershop Order Management REST API) to determine the number of available items.

5 Setup & Configuration

The distribution package that contains the binary distribution of Intershop Order Management 2.16 is available in the Product Calendar and only consists of this file:

  • IOM_2.16.0.0.tgz

For installation instructions please see:

Please note that the installation requires installed and preconfigured:

  • JDK 11
  • WildFly 17
  • Postgres 11

6 Interfaces

For a complete list of all interfaces please see Overview - IOM Interfaces.

6.1 Deprecations

6.2 Removals

7 Fixed Defects


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