Guide - IOM 2.11 Migration of Article Import

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1 Added the Attribute "csvQuote" to the Table product."ImportConfigurationDO"

Previous to IOM 2.11 the hard-coded character U+0015(<Negative Acknowledge, or NAK) was used in most places, but not consistently and the import of data containing the separator character was not possible for all CSV types.

This character has been chosen as default in order not to break existing import configurations.

It is unlikely that the NAK character has ever been used. However, setting a common character like the (") as quote requires to coordinate the format with all partners to make sure it will get doubled where required.

Quoting Rules for the CSVs are:

  • Fields containing the separator character must be quoted.
  • The quote itself must be doubled.

For more information see Guide - IOM Product Import.


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