Public Release Note - Intershop Progressive Web App 0.28

1 Introduction

Welcome to Intershop Progressive Web App 0.28.

This Public Release Note contains information about the latest features of the Intershop Progressive Web App. In addition, it serves as a quick reference for the latest documentation.

2 What's New?

2.1 Features 

  • Introduce Formly (a dynamic form library) for standard form handling (932e36b)
  • Use Formly for many forms (110f28d)
  • Add Formly checkbox field, minor Formly improvements (#574) (d850ee6)
  • Generate lazy component for content-include to be used in application shell (b8ae40d)
  • Multi-channel with multi ICM support (#536,#420) (434ed47)
  • Set unique IDs for form fields in payment components (#586) (832cdba)
  • Add order template detail links on order template widget (#575) (8112321)
  • Allow overriding component templates and component styles depending on environment (#537) (b15a471)
  • Provide Docker file for deployment without SSR (#538) (1307a0b)
  • Use SEO metadata provided by the CMS REST API for content pages (#540) (2b473ed)
  • Display ICM managed display names for sorting keys on listings (#535) (f432188)
  • Devcontainer for VSCode (#515) (7b3d937)
  • Schematics: generate lazy components for shared components in shell module (beea0b4)

3 Compatibility

Intershop Progressive Web AppIntershop Commerce Management B2C/B2X

4 References

For more details about the release refer to the following documents:

Refer to the following documentation for more information on how to work/develop with the Angular-based storefront project:

5 Limitations

The currently used BETA REST APIs for Basket and CMS may change in the future. Therefore we cannot guarantee that these features may work in the PWA 0.28 without any changes with upcoming releases of Intershop Commerce Management.

6 Fixed Defects

  • Use customer ID when fetching company user (3d684bf)
  • Initialize quantity for retail set parts to repair add to cart from listing pages (0ab511f)
  • Loading overlay for quickorder (0fc7045)
  • Expand minibasket when loading finished (c96477f)
  • Display of crossed prices in the checkout items widget (#559) (19d88bb)
  • Working and adjusted concardis-directdebit validation (#590) (deaed69)
  • Use new checkbox type in directdebit (3b0adb4)
  • Prevent endless loading with empty array for wishlists and order templates (#571) (3f5f799)
  • Flexible safety checks for custom webpack (c358249)
  • Include production webpack in docker build to repair production build (d464e58)
  • Add feature toggle route guard for 'punchout' routes (#527) (7d27960)
  • Regenerate self signed SSL certificate (#542) (8ce720d)
  • Preserve URLs when errors are encountered (#511) (97ad95b)

7 Performance Improvements

  • Restructure chunk splitting for feature toggles (#570) (6198f8f)
  • purgecss for CSS minification integrated into webpack build (#562) (2199b82)
  • Shell module as standalone module (#568) (c438931)
  • Move sentry to lazy loaded bundle by lazy invocation (983ae82)
  • Move Formly to lazy bundle (#566) (101e3a3)
  • Main bundle reduction (#553) (0f3b23f)
  • Add purgecss for CSS minification (e4aa79f)
  • Tune webpack chunk settings (5e8f67e)
  • Remove data-testing attributes for production build (82ad581)

8 Documentation

  • Dependencies update/upgrade documentation additions (branch naming, package-lock.json) (a695bc4)
  • Optimizations documentation (ef85d1c)
  • Add chapter running server side rendering with https (eeddc76)

9 Code Refactoring

  • Product selector memoization (#528) (ac0b35a)
  • Use native Swiper instead of ngx-swiper-wrapper (#552) (f596d0b)

10 Breaking Changes

  • Introduced Formly for standard form handling. See Migrations / 0.27 to 0.28 for more details.
  • Refactoring the way product memoization is done and additional product components retrieve data with context facade
  • Removed the dependency to ngx-swiper-wrapper and used Swiper with native Angular support.
  • Refactored setting production mode to support running Angular CLI with multiple configurations (ng serve -c brand,production).


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