Public Release Note - Intershop Progressive Web App 0.24

1 Introduction

Welcome to Intershop Progressive Web App 0.24.

This Public Release Note contains information about the latest features of the Intershop Progressive Web App. In addition, it serves as a quick reference for the latest documentation.

2 What's New?

2.1 Features 

  • Recheck Concardis credit card cvc if necessary (#359) (8c4b452)
  • Save for later for Concardis Direct Debit (#319) (a31f16c)
  • Styled toasts for success and error messages (#356) (9e7d99b)
  • Component for inplace editing (25f10f1)
  • Introduce dedicated endpoint for B2B-user-related API requests (b15e6c9)
  • Add possibility to deploy nginx with selected features (#386) (1f0c4a4)
  • Node script to clean up localization files 'npm run clean-localizations' (9863fe7)
  • Enhance option to overwrite URL for ICM in express server (#372) (edf07dc)

3 Compatibility

Intershop Progressive Web AppIntershop Commerce Management B2C/B2X

4 References

For more details about the release refer to the following documents:

Refer to the following documentation for more information on how to work/develop with the Angular-based storefront project:

5 Limitations

The currently used BETA REST APIs for Basket and CMS may change in the future. Therefore we cannot guarantee that these features may work in the PWA 0.24 without any changes with upcoming releases of Intershop Commerce Management.

6 Fixed Defects

  • Prevent navigating twice on user login (75fdc15)
  • Set breadcrumb only on successful navigation (3e55b63)
  • Load lazy components via extension modules (#376) (e1eacd1)
  • Use product name for basket line item name and order line item name for orders (#387) (6c7a3d7)
  • schematics: respect original component selector when generating lazy components (#379) (b92230a)
  • schematics: enable customized-copy schematic for subfolders (#374) (932aa01)

7 Performance Improvements

  • Add preload link for stylesheet (#389) (dee2bba)
  • Remove product views from entities for improved memoization (#373) (4805fed)

8 Code Refactoring

  • Rework quoting feature (#367) (3ce106b)

9 Breaking Changes

  • The quoting feature was completely reworked to provide a better performance with growing numbers of users' quotes and quote requests. It was changed to work with less necessary REST requests (e.g. by relying on improvements in the quoting REST API) and several known issues were fixed. Besides that the whole implementation was reworked with newer, improved implementation patterns of the PWA.


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