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1 WildFly 17 and Java 11.0.3

The application server was updated to WildFly 17 and Java 11.0.3.

Also see the official announcement:

2 Impex-Related Jobs Are Now Part of the Schedules

In versions 2.12.x and 2.13.x the following tasks were triggered by internal non-configurable Java-timers. (Up to IOM version they were defined as quartz jobs).

Their configuration can now be modified within the table "ScheduleDO".

The quartz job "JOB_FRAMEWORK" which was responsible for triggering the due schedules has also been replaced by an internal Java timer. Make sure it is removed from the quartz configuration file (quartz-jobs-cluster.xml)


Prevention of  Removal of Core-Schedules

Some triggers prevent the deletion of the core-schedules, but you can deactivate non-required ones. You may check you setup/ migration scripts not to use a non-selective deletion of the table "ScheduleDO".

For the migration to IOM, the schedules with the following values should be reviewed as they may not match your requirements:

Feature areasince IOM versionJob keyDescriptionInitial cron-expressionMax. retriesRetry delayisCoreSchedule
Invoicing2.2.0.0aggregate_invoices4dispatches_dailyRun invoice aggregation for orders with a dispatch on a daily base.0 30 23 1/1 * ? *1010mtrue
Invoicing2.2.0.0aggregate_invoices4dispatches_weeklyRun invoice aggregation for orders with a dispatch on a weekly base.0 30 23 ? * FRI *1010mtrue
Invoicing2.2.0.0aggregate_invoices4dispatches_monthlyRun invoice aggregation for orders with a dispatch on a monthly base.0 30 23 L 1/1 ? *1010mtrue
Invoicing2.2.0.0aggregate_invoices4dispatches_weekly_cleanupRun invoice aggregation for orders with a dispatch on a weekly base. This job  takes into account all dispatch positions that are not yet invoiced into an invoice. It results that at the end of the month all dispatch positions are invoiced, rega (...).0 45 23 L 1/1 ? *1010mtrue
Invoicing2.2.0.0aggregate_invoices4dispatches_disabled_cleanupRun invoice creation for orders with a dispatch but no invoice yet. This job takes into account customers that disabled aggregated invoices after using them for a while. The last aggregated invoice could be missing here.0 50 23 1/1 * ? *1010mtrue
Impex2.14.0.0CHECK_FOR_DATAPACK_FILESCheck the content of the $OMS_VAR/importarticle/in the folder for new files to import and trigger the import when required.0 * * ? * * *3010mtrue
Impex2.14.0.0ARTICLE_EOL_DETECTIONTrigger the postgres stored procedure article_eol_detection to possibly set articles as being out of live.0 33 3 ? * * *2027mtrue
Impex2.14.0.0AGGREGATE_ARTICLE_JOBCheck for modified articles and trigger an update of the information contained in the table "ArticleInfoArticleAO".0 33 4 ? * * *2027mtrue
Impex2.14.0.0CLEAN_ARTICLE_IMPORT_ERRORSTrigger the postgres stored procedure process_clean_article_import_errors: remove import error information older than 30 days.0 57 4 ? * * *2027mtrue
Impex2.14.0.0CLEAN_ARTICLE_EXPORT_FILTERTrigger the postgres stored procedure process_clean_article_export_filter: delete information on exported articles older than 30 days (in table product."ArticleExportFilteredArticleDO").0 */1 * ? * *207mtrue
Impex2.14.0.0ARTICLE_EXPORTTrigger the article export as configured within the postgres table product."ArticleExportConfigDO".0 */5 * ? * * *207mtrue
Impex2.14.0.0ORDER_EXPORTTrigger the CSV order export as configured within the postgres table oms."OrderExportConfigDO".0 17 * ? * * *207mtrue
Impex2.14.0.0CUSTOMER_EXPORTTrigger the customer export as configured within the table customer."CustomerExportConfigDO"0 7 * ? * * *207mtrue
Order Changes3.5.0.0ORDERCHANGE_LOCK_CLEANUP_JOBFix invalid pending OrderChangeRequest references in OrderDO.0 */4 * ? * * *2027mtrue

For more information on schedules see:


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