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1 Introduction

IOM 2.12 uses a central shared file system to provide global data for all IOM members. 
It consolidates the old shared file-systems used for PDF documents, media, product imports, jobs, OMT and communication messages at a single place.

That means a manual move from the old shared file systems to the new central shared file system may be required. In most cases a simple rearrangement of existing data at the file server is sufficient. 

A downtime is required for this migration period.

2 Migrating Health-Check Required for Central Share

As FTP-servers, pdf-host and media-host were removed and replaced by the central share. The according health checks have to be migrated. Instead of checking the FTP servers, the health check checks for the shared file system now.

The following properties in $OMS_ETC/ became obsolete:

  • is.oms.pdf.healthcheck

They were replaced by 

  • is.oms.sharedfs.healthcheck

The new health check requires a new directory .healthcheck as a direct subdirectory of $OMS_SHARE. You must make sure that this directory exists on shared file system only, otherwise the health check will not work correctly.

More information can be found in Guide - Setup Intershop Order Management 2.12.

3 Migrating Data in a Distributed Installation - Shared Data are Already Located at a Single File Server

As all data were already shared in previous versions of IOM, there is a big chance that the data are already located on a single file server. In this case the data have to be rearranged to match the needs of the new central mount point of the shared file system. As the names of directories on the existing file system server are unknown (they can differ for each existing installation of IOM), the directories are identified by their mount-point inside IOM. It is your task to identify the directory on the file server by the according mount point.

This directory has to be moved to become a subdirectory of the new central mount point. The directory has to be renamed to the value found in the table.

Old Mount PointName of Subdirectory at New Mount Point

Migrating Data in a Distributed Installation - Shared Data are Distributed on Different File Servers

All shared data were already shared in previous versions of IOM, but it was not mandatory to store them on a single file server. If you are in this situation, you have to consolidate the shared files at a single file server. The same rules as described inside the previous chapter have to be applied.

4 Migrating Data in a Standalone Installation

If you are operating a standalone installation, that has to fulfill requirements of a production environment, then you had to use the dummy-fs option provided by Ansible4IOM. dummy-fs (based on the --bind option of mount, see mount (8) at Linux manual page) allowed to separate directories, which would be shared in a distributed installation, from $OMS_VAR.

Now you have to consolidate these directories within one directory, using the rules shown in the table above, and use this directory for OMS_SHARE from now on.


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