Guide - 7.9 Content Model Changes

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systeminclude.expressShop.cart.pagelet2include(minus)removedThe express shop cart dialog was never used in the Responsive Starter Store. Instead the change was shown in the mini cart.
 interface.include.expressShop.cart.pagelet2interface(minus)removedsee systeminclude.expressShop.cart.pagelet2

added PageEntryPointDefinitionInclusion for PageMaster

added optional call parameters:
ProductBOs, PageNumber, PageSize

Added possibility to show Product (Variation) Master page with list/tile view of its variations (with paging). This view can be switched on/off by the channel domain preference "List View Product Variations".

See Guide - 7.9 Migration Product Detail Page for Variants for details. systeminclude.expressShop.cart.pagelet2

added optional call parameters:

ProductBOs, SortingAttribute

added new configuration parameters:

ProductView1 (required), ProductView2 (required), Sortings (optional)


The configuration parameters ProductView1 and ProductView2 are used to configure the view contexts for "Grid" and "List" views when showing the variation list on the Product Master page.

"Sortings" configuration parameter can be used to get sorted result of the variations.

See Guide - 7.9 Migration Product Detail Page for Variants for details.


Added simple "Language Switch" component that can be used in the header utility slot.

 slot.header.utility.pagelet2slot(warning)changed multiplicity to "ZERO_MANY"The multiplicity default of "ZERO_ONE" was never intended and does not work well with the option to add a language switch component here.
component(warning)changed the rendering templates path of these components from "component/common" to "component/system"Moved the rendering templates of theses components to the according folder fitting the naming scheme.

Added a simple "Text" component that is is a copy of the "Free Style HTML" component. This new text component makes it more intuitive to find a component for simple text.

 component.common.imageEnhanced.pagelet2component(plus)addedAdded an "Enhanced Image Teaser" component that is an image teaser with headlines and call to action button. It is possible to define images for multiple devices (using bootstrap breakpoints).

component(plus)addedAdded a "Video" component. It is possible to define preview image, headline, size and properties for mute and autoplay. Files and URLs from video hosters (YouTube and Vimeo) can be used as source.


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