Guide - 7.8 Migration Preference Definitions for Subscriptions

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1 Introduction

In the context of subscriptions new preferences have been introduced. These are presented in the following document.

2 Payment Fallback Preferences

A configurable fallback payment method has been introduced which is automatically used when the order creation fails with payment failures. The payment fallback can be configured as channel preference per dbinit/dbmigrate of the cartridge bc_order_service. There is no general default value for the preference definition.


See also Concept - Subscriptions (until 7.8) | Payment Fallback and Cookbook - Subscriptions | 6 Recipe Configure Payment Fallback Method for Subscription for further information.

3 OrderCreation Failure E-mail Preferences

When an order for a subscription could not be successfully created, an e-mail is sent to inform the shop manager about it.

The following preferences for e-mail addresses, subject and template are created as preference definitions and can be configured per channel in domain preferences via dbinit/dbmigrate (cartridge: "app_sf_responsive"):

  • OrderCreationServiceEmailFrom

  • OrderCreationServiceEmailTo

  • OrderCreationServiceEmailSubject

  • OrderCreationServiceEmailTemplate

OrderCreationServiceEmailSubject=ChannelPreferences;3;;true;Order Creation

For further information, refer to Concept - Subscriptions (until 7.8) | Notifications.


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