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DescriptionThe process cleanup_pgserver removes a simple PostgreSQL-server (installed before using Process - Setup Postgres Server 1.0) and according data. The process is intended to be used by CI processes, in order to reset a machine back into initial state.


Never run this process on production systems, since all data will definitely be deleted.

Example: cleanup postgresql server
ANSIBLE_LIBRARY=<path to Ansible4IOM>/modules/ \
ANSIBLE_ROLES_PATH=<path to Ansible4IOM>/roles/ \
ansible-playbook -i <path to inventory file>/inventory \
<path to Ansible4IOM>/processes/cleanup_pgserver.yml

1.1 Steps

The process consists of the following steps:

  1. pgserver_cleanup
    1. Remove postgreSQL service, server and data.

1.2 Background Information

Process cleanup_pgserver removes a PostgreSQL server. The process is controlled by variables defined in roles/pgserver_config/defaults.

Have a look into the according file, to get information about which variables are available.


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