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IOM 2.2

Guide - IOM 2.2.1 Migration of Business Events

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1 Introduction

Intershop Order Management (IOM) has the ability to attach events to it's standard business processes and extend business processes following the requirements of a project. With IOM 2.2.1 the business events are now basic part of each process and must not be configured any longer.

2 Migration Tasks

The following migration steps are performed by SQL scripts during the DBmigrate. Since some projects may have introduced new tables or columns according to their needs, the migration process may have to be adjusted. That is why the present guide describes them in full detail.

1.1 Migrate Event Control Configuration

The execution of the database migration script /postgres/migrations/ will:

  1. Drop all entries in ProcessControlConfigDO with targetProcessRef = 81 (EventControlQueue)
  2. and all entries of ProcessControlLineConfigDO that are referencing to entries of step 1

The script is part of the general database migration and will be procecced automatically on database migration. Also see Guide - IOM Database Migration (2.0 - 2.17).

1.2 Missing Migration

Entries in database tables ProcessControlConfigDO and ProcessControlLineConfigDO with reference to the EventControlQueue don't have effects any longer.

1.3 ProcessTypeDefDO

 The referenced type of event ProcessTypeDefDO.EVENT is marked as deprecated.


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