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IOM 2.9

Public Release Note - Intershop Order Management 2.9

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1 Introduction

Welcome to Intershop Order Management 2.9!

Intershop Order Management is an Intershop Commerce Suite application that is designed to combine omni-channel commerce processes into one system. It automates and streamlines the life cycle of orders and payments. Intershop Order Management processes orders from multiple touch points (web shop, mobile shop, call center and more), allocates them to multiple fulfillment solutions (fulfillment centers, drop-ship distributors, physical stores and more), and tracks all order and payment transactions.

Intershop Order Management offers a centralized platform for managing distributed inventory, order, invoice and payment life cycles, and provides call center functionality, enabling real-time visibility into customers' purchasing behavior, stock levels, payments, and more. As part of Intershop Commerce Suite, it utilizes the suite's transaction, PIM and merchandising features.

Intershop Order Management (IOM) offers the possibility to tailor your business models as flexible and free as you need and depict them in your e-commerce environment. The order management system adjusts the order processing for various sales channels and suppliers and can be seamlessly integrated with existing components of your IT environment.

1.1 Dependency Version Information

Intershop Order ManagementIntershop Commerce Management B2XIOM Connector

1.2 Glossary

APIApplication Programming Interface
FTPFile Transfer Protocol
GDPRGeneral Data Protection Regulation
ICMAbbreviation for Intershop Commerce Management
IOMAbbreviation for Intershop Order Management
IMPEXImport/ Export
OMSAbbreviation for Order Management System, the technical name of the IOM
OMTAbbreviation for Order Management Tool , the graphical management tool of the IOM
RESTRepresentational State Transfer
RMAReturn Merchandize Authorization
SOAPSimple Object Access Protocol

2 General Information

3 Additional References

4 New Features and Enhancements

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

A new REST API enables companies to respond quickly when customers ask to view all their personal data, see Overview - Intershop Order Management REST API for more information.

If required, this data can also be deleted directly on the customer detail page.

Enhanced Business Features

Reservation at Order Routing Simulation

The order routing process can now be simulated at the time of reservation, which means the relevant inventory is immediately reserved for the customer, see Concept - Reservation with Dynamic Order Supplier Evaluation for more information.

Additionally the supplier selection process was improved to respect the rank of the supplier evaluation now.

Easier Processing of Returns

The support of return requests (RMA -  return merchandize authorization) was extended. Therefore:

  • A new REST API was introduced, that supports the creation and view of return request for an order.
  • The existing REST API was extended with properties that can be used to add more information to a return request.
  • A new business process including a state model is available, which can be used to attach an automated or manual approval process at selected decision nodes.
  • The OMT offers a new tab on the order details page that:
    • Lists all return requests for the order, whether created by the web-services or via OMT
    • Allows to create return requests
    • Allows to use an accepted return request to create a new return confirmation

  • The quick search and order search were extended to search for a specific RMA-number

See Overview - Intershop Order Management REST APIOverview - IOM Return Merchandise Authorization and section Export Return Announcement for Supplier of Reference - IOM ImpEx Interfaces 2.1.

The representative handling of a return can now create a return label for a specific customer or order, with the label being automatically e-mailed to the customer. It is also possible to send labels manually.

Please see section OMT - Send a Return Label on Demand by E-mail of Guide - IOM Shop Onboarding (2.9 - 2.17) and Reference - IOM Customer Emails for more information.

Better Support of Business Models

Pricing is now displayed according to the respective business model. Net for B2B and gross for B2C.

Additionally, prices for units are displayed with 5 decimal digits now, which can be necessary when prices are more detailed for a unit than just 2 decimals.

Display of Errors

When having errors in processing they will be displayed now at the related tab and position on the order details page.

Improvements of the User Interface

The following changes were made to improve the user interface:

  • Online help was integrated where the user can look up how to use the OMT fast and easy.

  • The tabs on the order details page were reorganized and renamed to support a better understanding of the different states of order and possible actions.

  • The former synonym for products, item(s) was consequently renamed to the more fitting term product(s). 

  • The quick search now keeps the last used selection, so the user must not select it when searching always for the same type of object.

Customer E-mail Enhancements

Improvements for using customer e-mails are:

  • All e-mail templates are now hosted in the folder $OMS_VAR/templates/mails_customers
  • The default templates are moved into this folder an can be modified directly
  • By dropping the template registration process it is now possible:
    • To organize templates by organization or brand in separate folders, which can be restricted if required

    • It follows that included templates can be shared over selected brands for example
    • Also e-mails are generated on the fly now
  • A plain text version for an e-mail can be added if desired, which gives more support to e-mail clients and prevents e-mails more from being classified as junk
  • The new cluster property is.oms.mail.resources.base.url can be used in templates as $mailResourcesBaseUrli.e., for mail images or stylesheets that must have public access for mail clients.

  • The data object ShopUserMailResponseLO is supporting confirmed and canceled quantities in e-mails

Please see Overview - IOM Customer EmailsGuide - Setup Intershop Order Management 2.9 and Guide - IOM 2.9 Migration of Customer E-mails for more information.

Extended Transmission Receivers

All partners in PartnerReferrerDO can now be configured as receiver of a transmission, e.g., finance controllers and payment providers.



The new version comes with a set of new and improved REST-interfaces:

  • A new REST API enables companies to respond quickly when customers ask to view all their personal data. Also see feature GDPR above.
  • Also a completely new REST API was introduced, that supports the creation and view of return request for an order.
  • The existing interface for return announcements was extended to support properties (key-values), which can be used for additional information. Also see section Export Return Announcement for Supplier of Reference - IOM ImpEx Interfaces 2.1.
  • A new REST API can be used now to confirm dispatches of a supplier. The REST API is a future replacement of the existing SOAP API.
  • For selected REST services a bearer token authentication was introduced next to the basic authentication.

Additionally the documentation of the REST API was moved to a public domain of Intershop. Specifications can be downloaded here and used for automated REST-client generation for example.

Please see Overview - Intershop Order Management REST API for more information about the IOM REST API.


A public database documentation is now available, which shows all relevant tables, relations and enumerations for configuring business processes and features of the IOM, see Reference - IOM Database Documentation where to find it.

Import/ Export

The export interface for OrderPlacement of suppliers supports now schema OrderService-v1.1.xsd, to export data received by the order service interface v1.2.

For product import and product export the article numbers of shops, suppliers and manufacturer has been increased to a max length of 500 characters, see Guide - IOM Product Import and Guide - IOM Product Export.


E-Mail Address for Business Operations

E-mails for business operations can be send from internal e-mails separated now. I.e., the link contact the administrator on the OMT-login is attached to the new cluster property, see Guide - Setup Intershop Order Management 2.9.

Support of SMTP-Authentication

The new cluster properties is.oms.smtp.user and is.oms.smtp.pass can be used for mail server authentication now, see Guide - Setup Intershop Order Management 2.9.

Caching of Health Check Requests

Responses of health check requests can be cached now. Therefore set the new cluster property is.oms.healthcheck.cachelivetime, see Guide - Setup Intershop Order Management 2.9 and Concept - IOM Server Health Check.

Automation of Database Migration

To automate the database migration a new script was introduced (for this and older versions), see Guide - IOM Database Migration (2.0 - 2.17) for more information.

5 Setup & Configuration

The distribution package that contains the binary distribution of Intershop Order Management 2.9 is available in the Product Calendar and consists only of this file:

  • IOM_2.9.0.0.tgz

For installation instructions please see:

Please note that the installation requires installed and preconfigured:

  • JDK 8
  • WildFly 9
  • Postgres 10

6 Interfaces

For a complete list of all interfaces please see Overview - IOM Interfaces

6.1 Deprecations

6.2 Removals

7 Fixed Defects

IOM-8297Missing localization key for return reason RET200
IOM-8289HTTPS is not working for OMT
IOM-8285Erroneous Response Validation for order partially canceled before export
IOM-8279(Unexpected) Exception when throwing Exception in FTPFileTransferBean
IOM-8269Several missing tool tips for indexed fields
IOM-8260Typo in tooltip
IOM-8208Mandatory order validation jobs are not mandatory after all
IOM-8138When configuring directories for import, file-transfer and private keys, only absolute paths can be used
IOM-8116Missing tool tip at most recent orders
IOM-8073Missing tool tips at search form fields and result tables
IOM-8061Missing permission handling on quick search box
IOM-8045Hardcoded conditions for CASH_ON_DELIVERY modify partial cancellations
IOM-7990Overlapping texts in OMT
IOM-7936Missing "*" in "confirm payment" modal Dialog to mark the payment Method as required
IOM-7863Background image too small for high-resolution monitors
IOM-7861Comment while creating a manual credit note is not saved
IOM-7829Concurrent creation of barcodes fails
IOM-7821Atp- Reservation-Request is not filtering by Shop2Supplier restrictions
IOM-7685Unable to sort the orders by their customer internal IOM ids
IOM-7669Deleting a user in OMT must be done twice before it succeeds
IOM-7667The blocked stock may not get modified according to an order modification.
IOM-7665Velocity transformer throws exceptions in case of NULL values
IOM-7643API-break because of non-deprecated deletion of getCountry() of userMailLO.getCustomerAddressLO()
IOM-7640Exception is thrown if manual credit note is created for shipping costs only
IOM-7628communication mapper v1_0: Wrong handling of the “#@#” separator between street name and house number.
IOM-7622Customer name displayed at Order and Invoice pages is used from a shipping address
IOM-7612Order quick search treats leading zeros as numeric id
IOM-7569Reservation REST service does not save JSON response body in OrderMessageLogDO
IOM-7513Usage of the wrong dispatch status after an erroneous dispatch
IOM-7497Usage of the wrong return status after an erroneous return
IOM-7492Missing tool tips at most customer mail actions
IOM-7448NPE for delivery confirmation/ order cancelation when no supplier is selected (multiple suppliers selectable)
IOM-7425Error(s) while retrieving information on Returns
IOM-7411The button to create a new note is displayed even if the user does not have the according rights
IOM-7391Invoice download only possible with permissions for OMS Internal Supplier
IOM-7386The article lookup in parent shops is not recursive in the stock blocking process
IOM-7360Rounding issue while creating correction positions in CreateInvoicing2ReturnPTBean
IOM-7359Several issues with canceled ReturnDOs in CreateInvoicing2ReturnPTBean
IOM-7351No tool tip on "mark as paid" at customer invoice details page
IOM-7347Saving an organization assignment tree is too strict when not selected organizations are meanwhile deleted
IOM-7346Customer link at search order table if permission "showCustomerData" not set for all shops
IOM-7344Error page in OMT + Exception in calculation for invalid return messages
IOM-7321Schedules remain locked, if backend server is stopped
IOM-7308The database table Shop2FinanceControllerDO miss a unique index on (shopRef,financeControllerRef))
IOM-7304Order Positions are not sorted in CreateCreditNote modal dialog
IOM-7286Search for Orders in Customer Search delivers error
IOM-7285Invoice/Credit note as attachment for dispatch/return mails isn't working
IOM-7276Some invalid returns cannot be displayed in OMT and lead to a technical exception
IOM-7274Error page in OMT + Exception in calculation for invalid return messages
IOM-7250Customer search by phone with wildcard doesn't work
IOM-7245Login page uses dropped system property
IOM-7235Invoice calculation broken for order level discounts
IOM-7226Cannot change ArticleSupplierShopDetails in OMT for items with more than one ShopArticleNo
IOM-7223Missing audit trail when canceling orders in approval state
IOM-7214NullpointerException when creating return labels from ICM
IOM-7211Document Service is not working
IOM-7202Separator of daterangepicker has no spaces between two dates
IOM-7196Several tables don't work in scroll mode on small screen width
IOM-7179Manual credit notes are not considered correctly when creating credit notes for returns
IOM-7165ShopCustomerMailLogicBean.createShopUserMailInvoicingLO inconsistent behaviour (Payment method)
IOM-7158Wrong attribute handling in JAVA class ExpandedExecutionBeanDefDO
IOM-7154Debtor/Invoice transmissions don't reset MessageLogContext and cause MessageLogException
IOM-7151Retry mechanism for all transmission types broken in latest patch
IOM-7140Search for order in "Waiting for approval" doesn't work
IOM-7136Customer link at Order Details if no customer view permission
IOM-7134ShopDO.getShop2FinanceController() isn't recursive
IOM-7128Customer search breaks for a 3 level shop hierarchy
IOM-7125Shop-Supplier check is wrong when looking for article availability in parent shop(s)
IOM-7122OrderAuthorizationExpireControllerBean creates captures / invoices for orders with incomplete Payment
IOM-7121ArticleExportConfigBeanDefDO.valueOf(Integer id) has wrong implementation
IOM-7120Race condition causes Exception in ClosePaymentNotificationQueue when creating two notifications for the same order at the same time
IOM-7099OrderRecallController / OrderRecallPC functionality is not working
IOM-7093Cron schedules defined in the table ScheduleDO are not respected at the first run
IOM-7092The lastRun attribute of ScheduleDO is set to the job creation date instead to the current time on the first run
IOM-7070Disabling invoice creation via the active-flag is ignored
IOM-7061discountedItem* prices for undiscounted items not mapped in OrderService 1.2
IOM-7058The Postgres table ResponseTransmissionStates2StateGroupDefDO is not initialized
IOM-7044Export files are deleted from the filesystem when the JVM/application server is shut down
IOM-7039Comment form field overlaps label in return confirmation dialog
IOM-7034cluster property is_oms_smtp_port is not in use
IOM-7007All positions of an order are displayed as check failed allthough only some are
IOM-6902Large set of warnings "Line 1 of a paragraph overflows the available area by more than 50 points"
IOM-6893Large set of document warnings "fo:table-cell" is missing child elements. Required content model: marker* (%block;)+...
IOM-6844Order search filter breaks when a shop hierarchy contains more than 2 levels
IOM-6840FTP health check does not ensure file transfer
IOM-6726Possible usage of wrong permission in tabs 'order cancellation' vs. 'product return'
IOM-6723Customer Modify Permission is not considered in omt
IOM-6582Soap CustomerService.storeCustomer fails because of optional addresses
IOM-6572The default invoice address should be shown/ used in customer search instead of last modified address
IOM-6453Misleading Error description in Order Response Validation
IOM-6435Incomplete error message at return dialog
IOM-6211race condition in OrderPersistenceBean may cause ConstraintViolationException
IOM-6203Disabling of "Create credit note" button doesn't consider charges
IOM-6185Permanent horizontal scoll bar in tables even if not neccessary
IOM-6070Warning in invoice_credit_note_pdf.xslt
IOM-5488ShopService storeResponse: parameter is used wrongly resp. documentation is wrong
IOM-5336Generic attributes of order not readable in some cases
IOM-5334Unchanged fields are reported as changed when using the CustomerService
IOM-5317Reservation REST API: GET request should return 404 when object not found
IOM-5167Broken tab icon in order system mail information
IOM-4939Wrong Number of Suppliers at Search form for Shop/Supplier
IOM-4622Uncomfortable/ non-possible usage of select box in several modal dialogs
IOM-4442Add user history - select boxes lose their selected value after failed validation
IOM-4422Permission handling for shown actions not implemented for change customer data
IOM-3477Amount of invoices/ order positions is not displayed in the header of the related tab

8 Changelog

Version Intershop Order Management /

Fixed Defects

71739Order import fails if there is an order promo on order line level (100 % discount) and an order level promotion

Version Intershop Order Management /

Fixed Defects

69403Promotion calculation fails due to non-terminating decimal expansion
69423Unable to split OrderPosDOs in OrderPosItemDOs (ref. 64618)

Version Intershop Order Management /


65099Extend the list of supported countries

Version Intershop Order Management /

Fixed Defects

Version Intershop Order Management /

Fixed Defects

Version Intershop Order Management /

Fixed Defects

Version Intershop Order Management /

Fixed Defects

Version Intershop Order Management /

Fixed Defects

Version Intershop Order Management / 2.9.4

A REST API for return messages was introduced. Please see Overview - Intershop Order Management REST API for more details.

For improvements of the health check see Cluster Properties of Guide - Setup Intershop Order Management 2.9.

New Features

Fixed Defects

Version Intershop Order Management / 2.9.3

The REST API for RMA was extended. Please see Overview - Intershop Order Management REST API for more details.

New Features

Fixed Defects

Version Intershop Order Management / 2.9.2

New Features

Fixed Defects

Version Intershop Order Management / 2.9.1

Please see Overview - IOM 2.9 - 2.9.1 Migration for migration guidelines.

For improvements of the health check see Cluster Properties of Guide - Setup Intershop Order Management 2.9.

New Features

Fixed Defects


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