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Guide - IOM 2.10 Migration of Setup

1 Removed Cluster Property is.oms.jms.hostlist

The cluster property is.oms.jms.hostlist was removed. Any appearance will be simply ignored and has no further impact.

Please see Guide - Setup Intershop Order Management 2.10 for more details.

2 Removed Script

The helper script was removed as it was only needed to read the property is.oms.jms.hostlist and to transform it into a valid jms-load-balacing configuration of the Wildfly application server.

Please see Guide - Setup Intershop Order Management 2.10 for more details.

3 Update of Ansible4IOM & CaaS4Ansible4IOM necessary

In order to manage installations of IOM 2.10 and to roll out CaaS-projects on this IOM version, an update of Ansible4IOM and CaaS4Ansible4IOM is required.

  • CaaS4Ansible4IOM: get newest version of branch "1.0-stable" (v.
  • Ansible4IOM: get newest version of branch "1.1-stable" (v.


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