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Overview - Video Tutorials

1 Introduction

The present page serves as an overview for the topic. All available documents for the topic can be found here.

2 Video Tutorial Topics

2.1 A/B Test (Bucket Tests or Split Run Testing)

A/B Tests compare the effectiveness of two versions of your web shop, concerning response rate or sales conversion rate. This video tutorial gives an overview about how easy an A/B Test can be set up with Intershop 7.

2.2 Advanced Search Engine Integration - Fact Finder & Apache Solr

The integration of a search enginge in an online shop is a necessary but mostly complex task. In Intershop 7, Apache Solr is the standard search service, its configuration is fully integrated in the Intershop Commerce Management application. However, if wanted, a Fact Finder licensed service can be connected, too.

2.3 Catalog Views

Discover the Catalog View feature of Intershop 7: Simply decide which customer should see which products or catalogs based on its group.

2.4 Content Management System (valid to Intershop 7.4)

The new content model in Intershop 7.4 enables business users to manage their web shop effectively and to see what customers see. An advantage is the reduction of complexity. The new content model is easy to understand, easy to customize, extend and manage and thus better suited as a blue print for effective implementations. Now it possible to reduce the amount of elements and types and so setup your web shop without complex development effort.

2.5 Setup Scenarios for Intershop Commerce Management

This video tutorial acts as an overview of the individual steps that need to be taken for an e-commerce development project. Furthermore, it will cover the deployment of an online shop.

This tutorial shows the development-system setup step by step using Gradle tools version 2.11. You will get a deployed development server and access to our responsive starter store and all standard functionalities of our ICM 7.9 b2x version.

In this tutorial we want to show you how to prepare a local Nexus Artifact Repository server as a central tool to deploy servers in a CI environment (valid for Gradle tools version 2.11).

In this tutorial we want to show you a general approach to deploy a production server locally (valid for Gradle tools version 2.11). 

Since Intershop 7.4 a standardized build and deployment process is possible. The component-oriented process that is based on standard deployment scripts allows deploying single system components and tiers. Setup and upgrade of all environments are significantly simplified.

2.6 Data Replication

Discover the Intershop 7 Data Replication feature. Learn something about how to keep shop information up to date without maintenance downtimes. Data replication is a special mechanism used to transfer large amounts of data between two Intershop 7 clusters, i.e., from a source to a target system via fast mass-data operations.

2.7 Gift Cards and Certificates

The gift cards and certificates features allow you to easily extend and satisfy gift card business scenarios in your shop system. Gift cards and certificates are products of a special type. They can be bought by consumers in the storefront either digitally (gift certificates) or physically (gift cards). Both are available as payment method in the checkout process afterwards.

2.8 Intershop Commerce Insight (ICI)

With Intershop Commerce Insight, a systematic and continuous analysis of key system metrics of your Intershop system is possible in order to respond effectively to demands while steadily developing the customer experience.

2.9 Intershop Studio (valid up to IStudio 4.3.2)

The Intershop Studio, based on Eclipse, is the main development tool for the Intershop 7 platform. It offers an IDE for all development relevant tasks and assets like cartridges, pipelines, templates, pagelets, queries, and many more. Intershop Studio allows you to customize code for your application to meet business requirements and processes.

2.10 Order Export

Discover the Intershop 7 order export feature and learn something about Intershop 7 export services, the Commerce Management application configuration and the export file locations.

2.11 Performance Monitoring (SMC)

The SMC Performance Monitoring feature allows you to tune your Intershop 7 server easily. Pipeline and pipelet runtimes can be determined in a few clicks. The performance monitoring section of the SMC allows to inspect the requests reaching the application server. By using this tool, you can easily optimize the performance of your system.

2.12 Product Sharing vs. Product Syndication

The Intershop 7 product syndication and sharing features allow you to roll out product information in single sales channels. Product prices and attributes can be copied or modified easily by rules.

2.13 Promotions

Promotions are an important marketing instrument with the intention to push the sales and to increase the customer satisfaction. A promotion applies to predefined customer segments, products and time periods. Specific discounts like reduced prices, bonus products, free shipping etc. can be offered via a promotion.


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