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1 Introduction

This migration guide is intended to document changes introduced for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) related topics (e.g., URL Rewriting).

2 URL Rewriting

The following two rules where either fixed or added to guarantee proper URLs on catalog pages.
# fixed the 'sp' rule         = ${action}/{p.PageNumber}/
rule.sp.selectMatch    = ^ViewParametricSearch-ProductPaging/.+/$
rule.sp.shortPath      = /filter/${p.PageNumber}
rule.sp.shortPathMatch  = /filter/(\\d+)$
rule.sp.longRequest     = /${group}/${domain}/${locale}/${appurlid}/${currency}/ViewParametricSearch-ProductPaging?PageNumber=$1

# added the 'filter' rule         = ${action}/${p.SearchParameter}/
rule.filter.selectMatch    = ^ViewParametricSearch-Browse/.+/$
rule.filter.shortPath      = /filter
rule.filter.shortPathMatch = ^/filter$
rule.filter.longRequest    = /${group}/${domain}/${locale}/${appurlid}/${currency}/ViewParametricSearch-Browse


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