Public Release Note - Intershop Commerce Management B2C/B2X 7.6

1 Introduction

Starting with Intershop Commerce Management (ICM) 7.6 Intershop will roll out two different products. One for the B2C market the Intershop Commerce Management B2C 7.6 and the other to address the B2B respective B2X market with Intershop Commerce Management B2X 7.6. Therefore we had to tailor new assemblies listed in the section underneath.

2 Assemblies

2.1 Intershop Commerce Management B2C

Assembly NameDescription
com.intershop.assembly:commerce_management_b2cBase Assembly for Intershop Commerce Management B2C (this is the base of all B2C projects).
com.intershop.responsive:inspired-b2cDemo Store "Inspired" B2C (source of this assembly is the starting point for B2C projects).
com.intershop.primetech:primetech-b2cDeprecated: Demo Store "PrimeTech" B2C.

2.2 Intershop Commerce Management B2X

Assembly NameDescription
com.intershop.assembly:commerce_management_b2xBase Assembly for Intershop Commerce Management B2X (this is the base of all B2B projects).
com.intershop.responsive:inspired-b2xDemo Store "Inspired" B2X (source of this assembly is the starting point for B2B projects).


Deprecated: Demo Store "PrimeTech" B2B.

3 New & Noteworthy

3.1 CentOS Support

Starting with Intershop 7.6 Intershop is supporting CentOS due to popular demand. Please see System Requirements - Intershop Commerce Management B2C/B2X 7.6 for more details.

3.2 Changes in Javadoc Support


Javadoc build was changed to match Gradle defaults for Javadocs.

Javadocs of Intershop components and also components which are produced in a project are now built to match Gradle defaults. This enables Gradle dependency resolving for Javadoc artifacts (if there is a one present). So resolving Javadocs in Intershop will work even without the Intershop Studio (e.g., default Eclipse with Gradle plugins, IntelliJ or any Javadoc resolver with Gradle support).

Intershop Studio will support both solutions. This way, existing Javadocs do not need to be rebuilt.

3.2.1 Hosttype Javadoc deleted


The deployment of Javadocs into the file system with web server was removed.

Due to weaknesses in linking between the different Javadocs or finding the right 3rd party Javadoc when they are deployed in the file system, we decided to remove the hostype javadoc from the deployment.

3.3 Intershop Gradle Tools Update

Intershop Commerce Management B2C/B2X 7.6 are delivered with version 2.7.0 of the Intershop Gradle Tools. This tool set is based on Gradle 2.7 (see Starting with this release Intershop provides Gradle plugins with special functionality in different versions, e.g., a plugin for CI setup (intershop-ci-setup) 3.1.0). With the new build and deployment tools external libraries can be included over dependency management. Therefore it is necessary to add a new proxy repository JCenter ( For more details see Cookbook - Setup CI Infrastructure (valid to Gradle Tools 2.7) (for a quick introduction see Guide - Quick Project Setup (valid to Gradle Tools 2.7)) and Public Release Notes - Gradle Tools - Version 2.7.

Please refer to Reference - CI Dependencies of Intershop Commerce Management for more detailed information about the match of Intershop Commerce Suite and Intershop Gradle Tools.

3.4 HotFix Process

Satrting with Intershop Commerce Suite 7.6 Intershop provides a new HotFix process. HotFixes are cumulative. That is, a certain HotFix Release will include all previuosly released HotFixes of a major version.

4 Limitations

4.1 Search Engine

Applications based on the Intershop Commerce Suite 7.6 require a properly working search engine. That is why all Intershop assemblies include Apache Solr. In case you need to continue using Intershop Commerce Suite 7 without the Intershop-provided Solr integration, you can exclude Solr components when inheriting the assembly. Please refer to Guide - 7.6 Build Changes for more detailed information on how to achieve this.

4.2 Extensions

Intershop provides various out-of-the-box extensions, e.g., connections to various payment providers.


Be aware that such an extension only works with Intershop Commerce Management B2C/B2X 7.6 if the requirements of the extension explicitly state the compatibility.

5 Release Documents

5.1 System Requirements

To read about the newest system requirement. Please refer to System Requirements - Intershop Commerce Management B2C/B2X 7.6.

5.2 Feature Lists

Please see our feature lists for more details about the new release:

6 Concepts & Cookbooks

This is just a selection of guides & cookbooks:

For all Intershop Commerce Management relevant documentation please use the filter navigation of the Knowledge Base.

7 Migration Guides

Intershop provides Migration Guidelines to ease the migration from 7.5 to 7.6.


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