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Guide - 7.7 API Changes

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Updated Jackson Library for REST

See Guide - 7.7 Library Changes

New library that contains new package names

Replace package



Removed 2 pipelets from bc_pmcPipelets LoadPageletDefinition and LoadPageletDefinitions are completely removed

Either use sld_pmc's ApplicationBOPageletModelRepository

or just use pipelet GetPageletDefinitionByQualifiedName

Code change in Resourceobject of WebShop REST API.
Public constants have been removed from a Java class.

The output of the REST Calls remains stable!
This is only a change in the underlying JavaObject which
is used for JSON/XML output.

Cartridge: app_sf_rest

Change: Public constants have been removed:

public final static String PROMOTION_TITLE ="Title";
public final static String PROMOTION_LONG_TITLE ="LongTitle";
public final static String PROMOTION_RULE_DESCRIPTION ="RuleDescription";
public final static String PROMOTION_ICON = "Icon";
The constants had no useful function outside of the RO class.
The strings can be used directly if they are still needed.
Extended two methods for getting list price and cost price with a parameter UserBO.

Cartridge: app_sf_rest


If UserBO is provided then price calculation takes the user address into consideration if any. For migration purposes just set this parameter to null.

  • Money getListPrice(ProductBO productBO, CustomerBO customerBO, UserBO userBO, Currency currency)
  • Money getSalePrice(ProductBO productBO, CustomerBO customerBO, UserBO userBO, Currency currency);
Minor schema version of bc_pricing/impex (bc_pricing.xsd) is increased from 7.0 to 7.1 since an optional attribute 'import-mode' is added for ProductPriceListEntry type

A new optional attribute 'import-mode' is added for ProductPriceListEntry type (corresponds to <product-price-list-entry> tag in the import XML file).

<xsd:complexType name="ProductPriceListEntry">


    <xsd:attribute name="import-mode" type="simpleType.ImportMode"/>


For this reason the minor schema version was increased from 7.0 to 7.1.

The new XML namespace URIs looks like this:

Customer needs to change the URIs in their price list import files.


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