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Reference - Job Handling REST API

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1 Introduction

This reference is intended for developers who want to make use of the REST API for Commerce Management application and/or System Management purposes.

2 Rest API

This section describes the Job Handling REST API.

MethodTitleURIDescriptionValid FromValid ToLastmodified
POSTREST API Batch Processes - Create a new import process<server>/<Organization-Site>/<ChannelBackoffice-AppUrlID>/batchprocesses/<subresource>Creates and starts a new import process using the given parameters7.4 2020/02/04 13:17:45
GETREST API Batch Processes - Display info about import process<server>/<Organization-Site>/<ChannelBackoffice-AppUrlID>/batchprocesses/<subresource>/processIDReturns information about an existing import process7.4 2020/02/04 13:17:46
GETREST API Batch Processes - List all batch process types<server>/<Organization-Site>/<ChannelBackoffice-AppUrlID>/batchprocessesReturns all registered types of batch process resources7.4 2020/02/04 13:17:46
GETREST API Batch Processes - List all batch processes of an import type<server>/<Organization-Site>/<ChannelBackoffice-AppUrlID>/batchprocesses/<subresource>Returns a list of all batch processes of the given import type7.4 2020/02/04 13:17:47
OPTIONSREST API Batch Processes - Return parameter descriptions for import processes<server>/<Organization-Site>/<ChannelBackoffice-AppUrlID>/batchprocesses/<subresource>Returns the allowed HTTP methods and their acceptable input parameters7.4 2020/02/04 13:17:48
GETREST API Jobs - Display domain info/SMC/-/domains/<domainName>Returns information about a domain7.4 2020/02/04 13:17:49
GETREST API Jobs - Display information about a job/SMC/-/domains/<domainName>/jobs/<jobName>Returns information about a job7.4 2020/02/04 13:17:49
GETREST API Jobs - List all jobs for a domain/SMC/-/domains/<domainName>/jobsReturns a list of all jobs for a domain7.4 2020/02/04 13:17:50
GETREST API Jobs - List domains/SMC/-/domainsReturns a list of all domains that can have jobs assigned7.4 2020/02/04 13:17:51
GETREST API Jobs - List jobs/SMC/-/jobsReturns a list of all jobs7.4 2020/02/04 13:17:52
PUTREST API Jobs - Start a Job/SMC/-/domains/<domainName>/jobs/<jobName>Start a Job7.4 2020/02/04 13:17:53


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