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1 Introduction

The changes described here are necessary due to Intershop's new Standard-Payment API. Intershop strongly recommends to use the new and improved Standard-Payment API.


7.6.1 Patch Required!

To use the new Standard-Payment API the patch Intershop Commerce Suite 7.6.1 or later is required.

2 Changes

DescriptionAPI changesHow to migrate
New Payment API

A persistent object was extended with additional attributes which are required for the latest changes in the payment framework:

  • com.intershop.beehive.bts.capi.payment.PaymentTransaction:
    • amountRefunded : Money
    • statusPending : boolean

DBMigrate adds the new database columns including sensible default values.

3 Manual Changes

DescriptionAPI changesHow to migrate manually

in case the hotfix for compressing of computeditems in isorder was installed

(like IS-7983)

compressed values of column computeditems have prefix BASE64: since this feature is a standard feature (IS-8066)

add this prefix to all rows where the computed items are compressed (for example:

UPDATE isorder SET computeditems = 'BASE64:' || computeditems WHERE computeditems not like '<computed-items%'; )


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