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Intershop Commerce Management

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1 Introduction

In the interest of our customers and partners Intershop delivers the Intershop Commerce Management 7.6.1 patch for the B2C and B2X edition.
This patch is distributed with a changed Payment Service API. Thereby, future development costs for payment connectors as well as migration efforts for successor releases will be reduced.


Individual payment service implementations could be influenced by this change. Intershop strongly recommends to test such implementations in detail.

Related detail information provided in concepts and cookbooks can be downloaded from the Knowledge Base.

Details are listed in the Intershop Product Calendar.

2 Concepts & Cookbooks

These concepts & cookbooks have been updated and describe the Payment Service API changes:

For all Intershop Commerce Management relevant documentation please use the filter capabilities of the Knowledge Base .

3 Migration Guides

Intershop provides Migration Guidelines to ease the migration from 7.6.0 to 7.6.1

4 Fixed Issues

The patch 7.6.1, which can be downloaded from the Nexus, fixes multiple issues and contains all fixed issues of the hotfix releases and

Intershop Public Nexus B2X 7.6.1
Intershop Public Nexus B2C 7.6.1

5 Responsive Blueprint Store

The Intershop Responsive Blueprint Store 1.1 using the updated Payment Service API is also available and can be downloaded from the Nexus.

Intershop Public Nexus Responsive Starter Store 1.1


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