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1 Introduction

The changes described here are necessary due to Intershop's new Standard-Payment API. Intershop strongly recommends to use the new and improved Standard-Payment API.


7.6.1 Patch Required!

To use the new Standard-Payment API the patch Intershop Commerce Suite 7.6.1 or later is required.

2 Changes

DescriptionAPI changesHow to migrate
New Payment API
  • Payment API (api_service) - still annotated with Beta - was extended and some interfaces got a rework or were extended.It was not always applicable to use default implementation to avoid incompatible API changes. Following interfaces/classes contain incompatible changes:
        • Address
        • Contact
        • Customer
        • SessionInfo
        • DocumentInfo
        • ItemSalesPricing
        • Product
        • PaymentContext
        • PaymentInstrument
        • PaymentTransaction
      • com.intershop.api.service.payment.v1.capability
        • Abort (deleted)
        • Cancel
        • Capture
        • FastCheckout
        • RedirectingPayment
        • Reduce
        • Refund
      • com.intershop.api.service.payment.v1.result
        • AbortionResult (deleted)
        • ValidationResult
  • The Payment Framework integrates the Payment API into our BusinessObjects (BO) and some interfaces closely coupled to it. The changes in the API implied also changes in the Payment BOs introduced with the version 7.6. The corresponding changes are used within the implementations Intershop provides.

    Unless you implemented one of the interfaces listed below you are not affected by the API change in this layer.

      • com.intershop.component.payment.capi
        • PaymentBO
        • PaymentHistoryEntryBO
        • PaymentHistoryEntryBORepository
        • PaymentInstrumentBORepository
        • PaymentServiceBO
        • PaymentServiceBOAbortExtension (deleted)
        • PaymentServiceBOAuthorizeExtension
        • PaymentServiceBOCaptureExtension
        • PaymentServiceBORedirectExtension
        • PaymentServiceBORepository
        • PaymentTransactionBO              
Check for compilation errors of classes implementing the mentioned interfaces and adapt your implementation to the adjusted API.


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