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Along with further improvements for the cartridge element validation, Intershop Studio 4.2.2 comes with improved ISML content assist and problem label decorators for all Intershop views.

Cartridge Element

Cartridge Element Validation Enhanced - Intershop Cartridge Builder

Intershop Cartridge Builder (Validation)

Intershop Cartridge Projects are configured to use a build command com.intershop.enfinity.studio.core.beehiveElementBuilder (have a look into your *.project files).

Such builders usually perform compilation or validation actions.

Now this builder causes a validation of cartridge elements.

Validation Types

An element validation can be performed using several approaches:

  • Manually triggered by the user: Use context menu action Validate Cartridge Action.
  • On build (build command com.intershop.enfinity.studio.core.beehiveElementBuilder).
    This occurs automatically (if Build Automatically is enabled), or this can be performed via project menu: Build All or Build Project.
  • Live: If supported by the editor, the validation happens automatically while the file is edited.
  • Command line: There exists a command line application that invokes the validation. This application reports problems in an xml file.

Use the preference page to set up which problems should be reported using which validation type:

Preference Page: Validation Type:

Please note that there exists an Enable All... as well as a Disable All.. button to conveniently, e.g., disable, e.g., the validation on build.

Preference Page: Validation Type: Disable all Validations on build:

ISML Content

ISML Content Assist - Type Cast for Object Paths

Object Path Type Casts

Sometimes the content assist of the ISML editor is unable to create meaningful proposals.

A common problem is that the editor cannot really guess the type of an object path, and therefore there is nothing known about possible properties.

But often the ISML developer knows very well which type such an object path represents.

The content assist now provides an entry: Type-cast ...

This can be used to enter the type. Once this is done the content assist should be able to provide properties as proposals.

Content Assist in an Object Path:

Type Cast Dialog:

Once you enter, for example, com.intershop.beehive.core.capi.domain.Domain, the content assist provides several proposals.

Proposals for type Domain:

Problem Label

Problem Label Decorator in Intershop Views

Intershop Element Problems Decorator

A label decorator is available to decorate Intershop artifacts that have problem markers with warning/error symbols.

The label decorator can be switched on/off on the Preference page.

  1. From the Intershop Studio toolbar select Window | Preferences.
  2. On the Preferences page navigate to General | Appearance | Label Decoration | Intershop Element Problems Decorator.
    Preferences Dialog:

Errors (red square with white cross) and warnings (yellow triangle with exclamation mark) in the Cartridge Explorer:


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