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Intershop Studio 4.2
What's New in Intershop Studio 4.2.0

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This release useful pertinent platform improvements as well as the Intershop's Web Page Structure View.


Intershop Studio Based on Eclipse 4.2 (Juno)

Intershop Studio is now built on top of Eclipse 4.2

All features that are part of Intershop Studio and that are member of the Juno release train have been updated as well.

This image below shows the new Studio. We hope you like the new look and feel.


Do not miss the following pages that list new and noteworthy features:

Additional Eclipse Features Included

Eclipse Marketplace

Intershop Studio now contains the Eclipse Market Place.

This allows you to easily install additional third party components.

From the menu select Help | Marketplace...

Eclipse Code Recommenders

Intershop Studio now comes with Code Recommmenders.

We would like to draw your attention to the additional feature available with the Java editor content assist.

You probably want to visit Eclipse Code Recommenders in order get in touch with this new feature.

Web Page

Web Page Structure View

The Web Page Structure View shows the hierarchical structure of web pages created for an Intershop application.

In order to use this view, you need to link it (note the 'Link with Editor' toolbar button) with a browser (editor) which displays a the web page.


The view analyzes the source code and parses it to detect template markers.

Ensure that the property intershop.template.PrintTemplateMarker in IntershopSuite/share/system/config/cluster/ is set to true.

If so, this view helps the developer to analyze pages and allows to quickly navigate to affected artifacts.

This view's underlying model is not restricted to ISML templates. Instead it would accept any well-formed pairs of:



It may be advantageous if, e.g., affected pagelet model artifacts are inserted in this manner.

Usage of the Web Page Structure View

  1. From the menu select Run | Run as..| Open Start Node in Browser..

    Alternatively, click the toolbar button to opena browser inside the IStudio. 
  2. Enter a valid URL denoting an Intershop page.
  3. Open the Web Page Structure VIew.
    Window | Show View | Other...
  4. In the view's toolbar toggle the Sync with Editor button .
    This syncronizes both the Web Page Structure View and the browser.


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