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REST API - Shows subscription status for given recipient


Starting with 7.10 our REST API is documented using Redoc accessible at


/subscriptions/<recipient's email or "-" for authenticated user>

Http Method


Short Description

Response of this URI will contain information about subscription status of given recipient to the e-mail provider configured for the application

Query Parameters


Example Requests



HTTP Status Codes

200 OK

404 Not Found

       Possible values for header error-key:

    • subscriptions.subscription_not_found.error

500 Internal Server Error

       Possible values for header error-key:

    • subscriptions.external_service.error


This URI could be accessed with either authentication header or not. If such header, with valid credentials, is sent from the client and the sub resource is "-", e. g., /subscriptions/-, then the recipient e-mail will be taken from the user which credentials are sent.

If valid e-mail addresses is used as sub resource name, e. g., /subscriptions/, then this e-mail address will be checked for subscription entries in the subscription's provider.

Whichever recipient's e-mail is used the response status codes will be 200 OK, if the recipient is subscribed, or 404 Not Found, if they are not.

This resource depends on back office configuration for e-mail marketing provider. If no such provider is configured it will respond with 404 Not Found.




B2C Web Shop, SMB Web Shop

Product Version


Product To Version




Request Data Format

Request related java object

Request Example

Response Data Format


Response related java object

Response Example

    "type": "Subscription",
    "active": true


XML Request Data Format

XML Request Java Objects

XML Request Example

XML Response Data Format

XML Response Java Objects

XML Response Example

<Subscription type="Subscription">


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